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The Lord is Spirit, where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.

                                                                                                                   2. Cor. 3,17


God did not create man orthodox, catholic, protestant and also not occultist. Also not from some religion, position or social class. All that came later and is not important. Important is what comes from God - and that is man. Man was not created for religion, but the religion was created for him. Whatever religion a man belongs to - who he is externally, that is not important. Important is what he is inside.

Life consists in a gradual development to ripeness. This gradual processes are called by science evolution and development. This process is necessary until all people have finished their development and have all knowledge and goodness in them. When you have acquired all these juices, God will send you His blessings and the fruits in you will ripe. Then the Lord will appear. As long as you are green, He observes you from a distance. When you mature, He will come and will harvest the ripe fruits, because He needs them. When you begin to understand and separate the necessary from the unnecessary, the passing from the eternal; when your character has been built and achieved its last form, when the fruits in your garden ripen, you will be liberated from prison and be presented before the Lord, to show your conception of both dreams of life; You will carry the truth not as a prisoner, but as a free man to the people. Then the truth will be like a wreath of laurel on your head and the ears on the wide fields will bow before you, and the Sun and the moon and all the eleven planets on the firmament will great you. The deep sense of the worldly existence will be clear for you. The Lord will appear and will establish the kingdom of God upon earth.

-Peter Danov



International meeting of the Rosicrucian Fellowship in CH-7514 Sils Maria, Engadin, Switzerland from Thursday 27th of August to Sunday 30th of August 1998.

Theme is: How do we build our chain of body, soul and spirit to God

            * Please announce yourself for the meeting. Write to

Annemarie Giovanoli

La Motta

CH-7514 Fex

or phone:  Tel: 0041 (0)81 826 55 68

Fax: 0041 (0)81 826 52 94

Reservation can be made by „Hotel Seraina“, Mainstrasse, CH-7514 Sils Maria,

Tel: 0041 (0)81 826 52 92


How do you get there: From Zurich take a train to St.Moritz, change over in Chur, take a bus from St.Moritz to Sils Maria. You step out of the bus just next door to the Hotel. Please order your Hotel yourself. The word is Rosicrucian Fellowship Meeting.


Northeastern U.S. conclave: A conclave is being planned for the Spring Equinox in the Northeastern United States in Massachusetts sponsored by lay minister Gordon Dushane’s study group. Our students, probationers, disciples and friends are being invited and the invitation is also open to members throughout the world.

The tentative dates are March 21 & 22 near Springfield, Massachusetts. All interested parties should contact probationer Gordon Dushane, 11 Annie’s Way, West Springfield, Massachusetts, 01089 or at his E:Mail:





When the time arrived that the Christ Spirit could be entertained on the Earth - when we had risen so far - then a ray from the Cosmic Christ came here, and incarnated here in the body of our Elder Brother Jesus. After the sacrifice on Golgotha had been completed, after the death of that body that He had occupied, He drew himself into the Earth. Take His own words for this. In no other way can we account for that saying, ”This is my body“. He showed the bread, it is the Earth Spirit that brings forth that bread. ”This is my blood“. The juices that are in the plant make the wine. It was not said, ”This symbolizes my body or blood“; he said unequivocally, ”This is my blood“.

The Christ Spirit, then, is the first incoming of a direct spiritual impulse. We spoke to you of the different motions of the planets, and their various influences at different times of the year. We know that at the time when the Sun’s Spirit is in the northern regions - when we have the Sun away up here at the summer solstice, then we have all the physical impacts upon the Earth. We get all the good there is in the Sun along the physical lines; that is the time when the grain and the grape are ripening, and when everything is bringing forth in the Physical World.  The spiritual impulse is abrogated for the time being; but when, on the other hand, the Sun goes into the winter solstice, in December, the spiritual impulse is strongest. Also, we have the spiritual impulse stronger in the night than in the daytime. There were times when the churches were open all night, but closed in the middle of the day, for that was known to be the time of greatest darkness, so far as spiritual influences were concerned. However, when we remember these things we can see that at the time when the days are the shortest and the nights are the longest, on that Holy Night that we speak of, when the Christ was born as a Sun who was to lighten our darkness - the spiritual influence is the strongest, and can be reached easiest. It was this great truth that is at the bottom of the Star in the Holy Night, illuminating the longest and darkest night in the year.

So in the Holy Night, which we call Christmas, it was usual for the Wise Men - those who were beyond the ordinary humanity - to take the ones who were also becoming wise, and therefore entitled to Initiation, into the temples. Certain ceremonies were performed and the candidates were entranced. They could not at that time be given an Initiation in their full waking state, it had to be done in trance. When the spiritual perception was awakened in them, they could look through the Earth - not seeing any detail, but the Earth became transparent, as it were - and they saw the Star at midnight, the spiritual Sun.

Previous to the coming of Christ, the Earth was worked upon from without, as the Group Spirit works upon the animals. Christ came to work from within.

Before that, when neophytes were to be brought in touch with Him, they could see, in that Holy Night, the Star of the Christ, just as the immaculate Virgin was on the Eastern horizon, and the little Sun-child of the coming year was starting towards the Northern hemisphere, to save us from the darkness, hunger and want that could result without Him. Then these Wise Men could see the Star, in the Holy Night, which is the spiritual hope of man as the physical Sun then born is his material savior.

Do not think it shone only at that time; it is easier now than then to see it, for when Christ came He altered the vibrations of the Earth and is changing them all the time since. He ”rent the Temple veil“- He made the Holy of Holies - the place of Initiation - open to ”whosoever will!“. From that time on, there is no more trance needed - no more subjective states in order to go, through Initiation. There is a conscious going forth into the Temple, by everyone who wills to come. And in time that religion that He brought to us will drive away all the sorrows; will dry the tears from all eyes. Where there has been war, there will be peace, and as sure as He came to bring that sword that shall liberate man from the national Spirit and make him an individual that is capable of being a brother to every man, so surely as He came to this work, so surely as the fist part of His prophecy has been fulfilled - so will that other grand and glorious prophecy be fulfilled, that men shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning-hooks.

We have one more thing to consider, and that is the gifts that these Wise Men brought - the gifts that were to be laid at the feet of the Savior, as we hear of in the old legend. This legend tells us that one brought gold, one brought myrrh, and the third brought frankincense. The gold we always hear spoken of in symbology as the emblem of the Spirit. Later still we hear of the alchemists who tried to transmute base metal into  gold; that is the spiritual way of saying that they wanted to purify this dense body, to refine it and extract the spiritual essence. The next one brings myrrh. Myrrh is the extract of an aromatic plant that grows in Arabia, a very rare plant, very rare indeed. Therefore, it symbolizes the thing that man extracts when he cleanses himself.  When he had cleansed his blood of passion he becomes plantlike, chaste and pure. He became the inverted plant before he became the pure plant, symbolized by the Rosy Cross, symbolized by the Diamond Soul, and so forth, then his body is an aromatic essence.  The third gift was incense. Incense is a physical substance of a very light character, that is often used in religous services; it serves as an embodiment for the ministering unseen influences.

There is the key to the three gifts that were offered up by the Wise Men - the Spirit, the soul, and the body. As Christ said, ”If you want to follow me, you must sell all you have. You are not to keep anything for yourself.“ You are to give up body, soul, and Spirit, everything for the Christ. Not to an exterior Christ, but to the Christ  within. The three Wise Men are said in the  legend to be  yellow, black and white, representatives of the three races that we have on Earth, the Mongolian, the Negro, and the White man. Therefore, we see that it is very well shown in the legend that eventually they will all come into this beneficent Christ religion. ”To him every knee shall bow.“ Each one will in time be led by the star to the Christ. But let us emphasize that very strongly - not to an exterior Christ, but to the Christ that is within.







Love the animals, love each plant and every thing! If you love all, so by itself it will unveil the mystery of God in all things, and you will finally embrace the whole world with love.

  - Dostojewski


Life and dead, win and loss.  Success and  failure, richness and poverty, worth and worthlessness, praise and blame, hunger and thirst, warm and cold... They all are natural changes within the order of things...They change with each other like day and night. No one knows, were the one begins or ends. That is why they should not disturbe our peace or penetrate into our souls. Conduct your life, so that you are in harmony and peace within yourself and with the world. Full of  peace and joy.


Attentiveness and carefulness are a sure way to transformation.


Learning is a child of life, the mother is love.



Aquarian art



The spiritual fire has the duty to nourish the intellect with ideas.

The spiritual water helps the intellect to assimilate the ideas and to think it over.

The intellect works like a computer. He examines the inputs about man.

The spiritual water is also there to extinguish the spiritual fire, in case there is a burning.

Thou art the writer and the writing,

   The ink, the paper and the writing-pen.

Thou art the writing of the stars in heaven,

   Thou art in the heart the writing of love.

The sprouting leafe, the lamb, that is driven out,

   Thou art the drive, the drover and the meadow.               

Thou art the rest,  and also the restlessness,

   Thou art the poison and the antidote.

Thou art the ebb and flow, the quietness of the wind, the storm and ocean;

   Thou art the shipwreck and the ship and who inside is shipping.

What can I strike? What can strike me?

   Thou art what touches the sense and by what the sense is touched.

                                                                            Mewlana Dschelaleddin Rumi



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