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Dezember 2000

"Make a tree good and its fruit will be good…for a tree is recognised by its fruit”

Matthew 12:33

There is a very effective and important possibility that a man can use in order to evolve and change and this has been practiced with great benefit since ancient times. This concrete possibility consists in using daily the power of your spoken words after finding for you a necessary and uplifting text. This should be done at least twice a day in the morning and in the evening, preferably immediately after awakening and before sleeping at night; because these are the times when the unconscious mind is more receptive.

The text should be positive and clear, and it is the best to formulate the sentences in such a way, that the remembrance of God is permeated in all of our thoughts. After speaking one can repeat these thoughts only mentally in order to increase concentration.

The words that we speak are a power for good and have a positive and transforming effect upon negative emotions and situations in the same way as the light of the sun banishes away all darkness when it shines. Good words make for light and brightness, where no negativity can exist. They should be used in the spoken sense for more than a month with the same contents and then it is necessary to find new thoughts, new formulations according to your personal necessities. In this manner all of our being will get always new spiritual food that will blossom in beauty and goodness.

There are many experiences in almost all human situations that confirm the reality of this principle. Many, many man did realize this truth and could also help many people, by communicating and sharing this knowledge with all who are open and willing for it.

We all need harmony, joy, peace and love in order to live. Yet constant effort, persistent predetermined effort is necessary in order to produce the required state of consciousness and to get to that point it implies that we give our whole attention to a fixed star.

We can believe and have confidence that our words spoken with deep concentration and faith have a positive and creative effect in our lives if we accompany them with corresponding deeds.

May the atmosphere of the Spiritual Energy of the Christ permeate us always with his infinite divine love so that we may be able to receive and share his unending blessings.


A Rosicrucian international meeting takes place from August 2nd to August 5th 2001 in Fatima, Portugal. The theme is: “The spiritual panacea for the XXI century”.

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Excerpts from The Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception p. 236, 363-264, 425 by Max Heindel:


While it is true that some animals, as the starling, raven, parrot, etc., previously mentioned, are able, because of the possession of a vertical larynx, to utter words, they cannot use them understandingly. The use of words to express thought is the highest human privilege and can be exercised only by a reasoning, thinking entity like man.

We have seen that brain-knowledge, with its concomitant selfishness, was bought by man at the cost of the power to create from himself alone. He bought his free will at the cost of pain and death; but when man learns to use his intellect for the good of humanity, he will gain spiritual power over life and in addition,, will be guided by an innate knowledge as much higher than the present brain-consciousness as that is higher than the lowest animal consciousness.

The fall into generation was necessary to build the brain, but that is, at best, only an indirect way of gaining knowledge and will be superseded by direct touch with the Wisdom of Nature, which man, without any co-operation, will then be able to use for the generation of new bodies.

The larynx will again speak “the lost word,” the “creative Fiat,” which, under the guidance of great teachers, was used in ancient Lemuria in the creation of plants and animals.

Man will then be a creator in very truth. Not in the slow and toilsome manner of the present day, but by the use of the proper word or magical formula, will he be able to create a body.

The mind is the most important instrument possessed by the spirit, and its special instrument in the work of creation, The spiritualised and perfected larynx will speak the creative word, but the perfected mind will decide  as to the particular form and the volume of vibration, and will thus be the determined factor. Imagination will be the spiritualised faculty directing the work of creation.

An ancient story:


Once there were once three brothers, they wanted to go away from home in order to find work. During their wandering they came to a dessert, when they found a well they sat down to eat and rest.

While they ate they saw an old man who had a staff in his hand. He greated them:

“I wish you a good day, young people”. The youngest brother cutted off a peace bread and gave it to the old man after asking him to sit with them.

Then the old man spoke and said to the oldest brother: “Dear son what would you like to own in this world? “ There where many ravens around them. He answered: “I want that all these ravens become sheep and that they belong to me” The old man said, “Good, but when a beggar comes and asks for milk, will you give him some after having so many sheep. “I would give him what he wants, milk and cheese,” answered the young man.

The old man touched the earth with his staff and all the ravens were transformed into sheep. The place became white with sheep. The oldest one remained there with all his sheep, the other two went away with the old man and reached a forest.

Then the old man asked the second one: “Dear son, what would you like to have in this world?

He said: “Grandfather, I would like, that all the stones here will be changed to oil threes and that they belong to me.” “Good”, said the old man, “ but when a beggar come to you and ask you, will you give something to him?  “I will do that” he assured him.

The old man touched the earth with his staff and all the stones became oil threes. The young man remained there, built a ware-house and brought the oil to the ships.

The youngest brother stayed alone with the old man and they went for a walk and reached a cross road and a fountain where they seated in order to rest. Then the old man spoke to him: “ Do you have something you wish for?”  “Grandfather” he said,” I wish that honey flows.from this fountain” “And will you give honey to the poor when they ask for it?”. “That I will do”.

The old man touched the earth with his staff and immediately honey flowed from the fountain  The young man remained by the cross road and sold honey and shared it with the poor and wanderers.

The old man went his way alone. After some time the youngest one was thinking about his brothers, he left a helper with the fountain, so that he may continue to share the honey and so he went, following his heart’s yearnings to search for his beloved ones.

While he went and looked for oil threes, he saw a forest with a lot of stones. He went further and looked for sheep and found many, many raven. While he was uncertain, he saw the old man coming to him and he said:

“See, your brothers did not do what they promised. They didn’t share anything with the poor from the good that I gave them. That is why I took my presents , the oil trees and the sheep back. But you behaved well and you have my blessings. And as soon as he finished his speech the old man disappeared.



The love of God permeates me. I’m established in the peace of God. Everything is good. Divine love is around me and expands itself in me. This infinite love is engraved in my heart, is written into the whole of my inner life. I radiate love. I radiate and express it in my thoughts, words and deeds. Through this love the qualities of God are awakened in me. Love means joy, peace and freedom. I praise the love. Love means and is the freedom. It opens the prison doors and leave behind all jails of the soul. Love gives freedom to all distressed. For all my fellow man I radiate love, because in each one is expressed the love of God. I meet my fellow man like children of God. I believe and know that the divine love now heals me. The law of love guides me. Love forms my life and my relationships to my environment in harmony and joy. God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God and God in him. John 4,16.


Aquarian art


Obstacles cannot bend me.

Every obstacle yields to effort.

Not to leave the furrow.

He who fixes his course by a star changes not.


                                               Leonardo Da Vinci





Movement will cease before we are weary of being useful.

Movement will fail sooner than usefulness.

Death sooner than weariness.

In serving others I cannot do enough.

I am never weary of being useful.

Is a motto for carnival. Without fatigue.

No labour is sufficient to tire me.

Hands into which ducats and precious stones fall like snow;

They never become tired by serving,

But this service is only for its utility and not nor our own benefit.

I am never weary of being useful.

Naturally nature has so disposed me.


                                               Leonardo Da Vinci

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