December 1998



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And from his abundance, grace about grace, have we all taken. 

                                                                                                          John´s 1,16




Everywhere in this world we find polarities: sun- moon, man-women, active-passive, positive-negative, give-receive, love-hatred, inhaling-exhaling, body-spirit...and all of them in us, they make a wholeness and give us a necessary impulse for development. That is also why we have a deep yearning for oneness, and when we find that through the union of opposites we experience timeless joy. We find also polarities in our relationships, even in our partners, friends, co-workers, and in most of the cases, these opposites that are „clear in others“ for us, are only our own shadow, and we don’t see it. How can we see in others that what we don’t  have somehow in ourselves?

We also find resistance and oppositions, sometimes from our vicinity, and sometimes even from our closest companions and friends. And behold what a sorrow it is (also in time we learn to transform suffering through actual awareness), but resistance is necessary in order that we may learn  and have the opportunity  to practice divine love.

Often, in a difficult relationship it helps a lot to try to understand the other and feel like being in her or his skin; also to develop our capacities of communication and of perceiving and hearing the other and ourselves consciously and simultaneously and spend time and attention in creating bonds of love. (We think, in our blindness, that we have these capacities, but in reality we don’t: we have to acquire this qualities, we have to learn to listen and to love). After trying for some time, also try to unveil and verbalize the deep motives and fears of the persons in question, if it doesn’t work, it is wise to retire and keep silence. After some little or long time, you may try again. Remember: love is always giving and is the greatest power that exists.

Christ in us is an eternal fountain of divine love, so let’s try in this Christmas time to work on ourselves and be conscious, and in this manner be able to accept others as they are and ourselves as we are. But for the spiritual way,  let us give our whole being in making the necessary steps in the best possible direction according to our conscience. Let’s avoid mechanicality and unconsciousness in our relationships to others and ourselves, because both of them are main causes of degeneration and destruction, but rather let us use our creativity and employ consciously our words, thoughts, deeds, imagination and attention to create a new inner and outer world. 





International meeting of the Rosicrucian Fellowship in 37100 Avesa-37023 Grezzana, Verona, Italy at the University Centre COSTAGRANDE from Thursday 19th of August to Sunday 22th August 1999.

The theme is: How to conform ourselves to the annual cycle of the christic ray.

·        Please announce yourself for the meeting, if possible before Jannuary 31 (in order to obtain a fixed price). Write to Gruppo studi rosacrociani di padova C.P. n. 948- 35100 Padova, Italia or c/o Luigi Zampieri- via Segantini, 34-35134 Padova, Italia- Tel: (0039) 049616929

·        E-mail: diapason@intercity. it


            * Reservation can be made to „Iternational european meeting 1999“ by „Casa per ferie del Colegio Universitario“ Costagrande, Verona: 37023 Grezzana (VR) Tel: (0039) 045907656  Fax: (0039) 045907979

How do you get there: Highway A4 (Milano-Venezia)=Exit Verona Sud: Follow road signs for

„Fiera“ till „Porta Nuova“ (a great city gate); Before Porta Nuova turn left and follow road signs to „Borgo Trento“ Hospital. Pass the Hospital, at the first traffic-lights turn left and at the following crossroads (sign to Avesa) turn right; Past Avesa, go ahead for abaut 5 Km. till the summit of the hill: at the Residence gate, ring the bell. Go straight on for about 1 Km. inside the property.





Excerpts from Gleanings of a mystic, chapter XXll. The Newborn Christ by Max Heindel:


As the annual birth of the Christ approaches, it presents a never old, ever new theme for meditation, from which we may profit by pondering it with a prayer that it may create in our hearts a new light  to guide us upon the path of regeneration.

The inspired apostle gave us a wonderful definition of Deity when he said that „God is Light“ and therefore „Light“ has been used to illustrate the nature of the Divine in the Rosicrucian teachings, especially the mystery of the Trinity in Unity. It’s clearly taught in the Holy Scriptures of all times that God is one and indivisible. At the same time we find that as the one white light is refracted into three primary colors,blue, yellow and red, so God appears in a threefold role during manifestation by the exercise of the three divine functions of creation, preservation an disolution.

This divine processes of creation and birth, preservation and life, and dissolution, death and return to the Author of our being we see everywhere about us, and we recognize the fact that they are activities of the Triune God in manifestation. But have we ever realized that in the spiritual world there are not definite events, no static conditions; that the beginning and the end of all adventures of all ages are present in the eternal “here“ and „now“? From the bosom of the Father there is an everlasting outwelling of the essence of things and events, which enters the realms of „time“ and „space“. There it gradually crystallizes and becomes inert, necessitating dissolution that there may be room for other things and other events.

And so it is in the very truest and most literal sense a newborn Christ that we hail at each approaching Yule-feast, and Christmas is the most vital annual event for all humanity whether we realize it or not. It is not merely a commemoration of the birth of our beloved Elder Brother, Jesus, but the advent of the rejuvenating love life of our Heavenly Father, sent by Him to redeem the world from the wintry death grip. Without this new infusion of divine life and energy we should soon perish physically, and our orderly progress would be frustrated so far as our present lines of development are concerned. This is a point we should endeavor to realize thoroughly in order that we may learn to appreciate Christmas as keenly as we should.

We can see the physical vehicles of Jehovah circling as satellites around the various planets; we can also see the sun, which is the visible vehicle of the Christ; but the Invisible Sun, which is the vehicle of the Father and the source of all, appears to the greatest of human seers only as a higher octave of the photosphere of the sun, a ring of violet-blue luminosity behind the sun. But we do not need to see; we can feel His love, and that feeling is never so great as at Christmas time when he is giving us the greatest of all gifts, the Christ of the new year. 




An ancient history:


A priest used to make a service in a chapel. Once he went away and left his little son to look after it. He told him, that he should give and dedicate the daily sacrifice and food to the deity, for Him as nourishment.

The young followed the command of his father and placed the offerings before the image. He waited in silence. But the image did not speak and also did not eat.

For a long time waited the young. He was totally conviced, that the deity will come down from the altar, will sit in front of the offerings and will eat.  So he prayed: „Oh God, come and eat! It´s becoming very late, and I can not wait anymore“.

But the Lord did not give any answer. Here the young cried and wept: „God, my father ordered me, to provide that you take the offerings. Why don’t you come like you do with my father? What did I do,  you do not come and take those presents? He wept bitterly for a long time. But, when he looked, he saw, how the Lord in human form was eating the offerings.

After the service was over, the members of the house ordered the young to bring the offerings. But he answered: „The Lord had eaten those offerings“.

Full  of fright they asked him: What did you say? Totally innocent he said again: „The Lord did eat everything that was offered“. Then they went to the chapel and were speechless at the sight of the empty bowls.    





Tell me please, Love, if my eyes                                   Dimmi di grazia, amor, se gli occhi i mei

See in truth the beauty which I descry                          Veggono ‘l ver della beltà ch‘ aspiro,

Or is it within myself, so that when I look upon it,         O s‘ io l‘ ho dentro allor che, dov‘ io miro,

I see her face more beautiful than it is?                        Veggio più bello el viso di costei.

You must know; you were wont to come with her        Tu ‘l de‘ saper, po‘ che tu vien con lei

To disturb my peace and cause me anger;                  A torm‘ ogni mie pace, ond‘ io m‘ adiro;

Yet I would not wish to lose the slightest sigh,             Nè vorre‘ manco un minimo sospiro,

Nor desire to escape that burning fire.                           Ne men ardente foco chiederei.  

The beauty that you see is surely hers;                       La beità che tu vedi è ben da quella;

But it grows as it rises to higher spheres                     Ma crescie poi ch‘ a miglior loco sale,

And passes from mortal eyes into the soul.                Se per gli occhi mortali all‘ alma corre

There it becomes divine, true and beautiful                Quivi si fa divina, onesta e bella,

As though to acquire immortality for itself:                  Com‘ a sè simil vuol cosa immortale:

It is this which reveals itself to you.                            Questa, e non quella, a gli occhi tuo‘ precorre.

                                      - Michelangelo                                                                                                    - Michelangelo





Do only the deeds of Truth. Because if you do these works you will know the hidden mystery.

                                                                                   - Fragment of the Papyrus Evangelium No. V.



We carry within us the wonders we seek without us.

                                                       - Sir Thomas Browne.


Renouncing the honours at which the world aims, I desire only to know the truth, and to live as well as I can, and, when I die, to die as well as I can.

                                                              - Plato.

Aquarian art


Song of Prudence


The soul is of itself,

All verges to it, all reference to what ensues

All that a person does, says, thinks, is of consequence,

Not a move can a man or a woman make,

that affects him or her in a day, month, any part of the direct lifetime,

or the hour of death,

But the same affects him or her onward afterward

Through the indirect lifetime.

The indirect is just as much as the direct,

The spirit receives from the body just as much as it gives to the body,

if not more.

-Walt Whitman




occult sun in your hands

eternal yearning, intense

that it expresses itself in music


and at the end newly born in the moment

you rest in the waves

recognizing the essence

and that immortal face.


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