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„I tell you the truth, if anyone keeps my word, he will never see death”.

                                                          John 8:51.




It is through the grace of God and through the realization of God in us that we may attain everything that is possible to attain for a man and with it also comes a higher and greater degree of love, self and divine consciousness, self control upon our bodies, emotions, thoughts, beings and upon our lives. As for the last, we all want it to flourish with goodness.

Therefore our attention should be directed every moment to God, because he is the only and best friend behind all friends.

 Our will, action and attention should be also be constantly immersed in the practice of the way that a spiritual school pointed to us, since its methods are proved, are scientific and work with mathematical exactness, even if in short time we may not be able to see the fruits of our work. But if we constantly keep in right doing we may attain all the promised treasures.

We should keep always in mind and heart that our real being is divine, that Christ and God in us are the fountain of all love, wisdom, power, perfection, joy…and of all positive qualities. Our errors do not belong to us, but for the truth of our being we can be always full of thankfulness. We have only to unveil and accept this truth through our spiritual work.

Let us try to keep this consciousness in the present so that we may be able to behold the only reality.





The next  Rosicrucian International Meeting will take place in August 2002 in Spain in the Colegio mayor nebrija from Thursday 8th in the afternoon through Sunday 11th after midday. For more information contact: Francisco Nacher: Email:

The High School NEBRIJA is located in the middle of the University Campus, surrounded by beautiful gardens in a very quite zone, 200 meters far from Princesa Avenue,  one of the most important avenues in Madrid.

Individual or double rooms with private bath each one with lovely view of the Campus, have been block for all participants until July 10th. After that, Organisation will be not responsible for room's availability.


Registations send to: VIAJES INTERSOL, S.A.

            Oquendo, 18

            28006 MADRID (SPAIN)

            Tel. (+34) 917.453.440

            Fax. (+34) 917.453.444



Announcement: Gerard Dome offers: address: 1 Rue de la Gabarre, 66690 Sorrede- France Email:  1 cosmo: 15 Euro incl. Versand; ( he have 37 rosicrucian cosmo-conceptions).

Excerpts from Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception page 440, by Max Heindel:

Yet, even then it will be found that, as the pupil progresses in first-hand knowledge and becomes able to investigate for himself, there are always truths ahead of him that he knows to be truth’s but he is not yet advanced sufficiently to investigate.

The pupil will do well to remember that nothing that is not logical can exist in the universe and that logic is the surest guide in all the Worlds, but he must not forget that his faculties are limited and that more than his own powers of logical reasoning may be needed to solve a given problem, although it may, nevertheless, be susceptible of full explanation, but by lines of reasoning which are beyond the capacity of the pupil at that stage of his development. Another point that must be born in mind is that unwavering confidence in the teacher is absolutely necessary.

The foregoing is recommended to the particular consideration of all who intend taking the first step toward the higher knowledge. If the directions given are followed at all, they must be given full credence as an efficacious means to accomplish their purpose. To follow them in a half-hearted manner would be of no avail whatever. Unbelief will kill the fairest flower ever produced by the spirit.  




The three dwarfs


There were once, a long, long time ago, three dwarfs who lived in subterranean caves. They made fire, enjoyed their life and brought beautiful stones from the depths of the earth to the place where they lived.

They came each day to the surface of the earth because they loved the sun and also because they were very inquisitive. They were astonished about the trees, the grass, the sky…and also about all the animals and birds that they saw.

They were very good friends with each other, and the youngest was the most loved of all, he had also a great spirit for enterprising. Since for him the daily life with the other dwarfs was sometimes boring, he decided one day, when he was again on the surface of the earth, to explore it…behind the branch of a three he hid himself from the glances of strangers, he was very well masked…it was a beautiful sight, so beautiful flowers, so beautiful trees and stones…Deepened in his joy he found a river and followed it. Afterwards he found a lake, that he never saw before…and suddenly, there in the forest,  he found a way which he could not resist, he had to enter it, and as he did, his joy grew bigger…After a while he saw a palace between the leaves. He approached it and found to his surprise that the door was open. He went inside and heard a wonderful music, admired the beautiful paintings, sculptures and the majestic construction of the palace which he contemplated with attention. But something called him to take certain way into the palace, and he followed his intuition. He found a way going upwards that was formed like a spiral, slowly he climbed up the staircase and at the end  found a door which he opened with care…and lo! He found a sarcophagus of glass in which a marvellous lady slept, one, who touches the heart by her glancing. While he was observing her his body grew so tall, until he no longer was a dwarf, but a human being. In this human form he tried to open this sarcophagus, but he could not succeed…and the princess was so beautiful! -she was sleeping…Deepened in his reflection he heard her voice that said: “I am a princess who was enchanted by a bad magician, please come soon with your two fellow- dwarfs, so that you can open this sarcophagus, afterwards I am released…” He could not hear anymore, because he ran to the door and went outside, his body changed again in this process to his usual form. He went down the staircases, left rapidly the palace and hurried the way back to the subterranean caves where he found his comrades. These were very concerned about him and questioned about all that he had seen and experienced, but they did not want to believe him…But he had a strong determination to release the princess. Also he had taken with him a golden cross from the palace that the two dwarfs had never seen before and which they admired. That convinced them, but they feared…Even though, they went away on the next morning, in time of the sunrise, each of them was hidden behind a branch. They walked slowly because of their fear. After some steps they stopped in order to see if somebody came or somebody looked at them. It was really an amusing sight. Once in a while they jumped some steps and afterwards stood still. The youngest gave away his branch since he did not feel anymore fear and after a long and difficult wandering they came to the palace at the time of midday …The other two dwarfs were very fascinated about the beauty of everything, but they went behind the youngest who climbed the staircases passionately. Finally they came to the room where the princess lay. Also their bodies grew to a human form in the contemplation of the princess. In deep astonishment and moved with compassion the three dwarfs opened the sarcophagus and in this moment the marvellous princess opened her eyes and spoke with great thankfulness and love: “I thank you, dear brothers, I am released through your help, yet I have to go rapidly to the palace of my beloved, because he experienced the same fate as I through the evilness of the magician.”

She gave them wonderful presents and her friendship and also three of the most magnificent diamonds. Then she rushed to the horse stable, took the fastest horse and rod without stopping to the enchanted prince, to his palace. When she came to the room where he lay a fragrance of roses spread around and a beautiful music resounded which delighted her soul...She carefully opened the sarcophagus of glass and kissed softly her beloved. Thereby he woke up and opened his eyes, they saw each other, silently and with quietness, and in  love to one another they fused their beings to an infinite and unlimited sun in which they both powerfully shone.




Love is everything, love is the fountain of all virtues, also of humility...The Saviour will once judge according to the capacity to love.

                                                                                         Theres Neumann


This world is a comedy to those that think, a tragedy to those that feel.

Horace Walpole


Wisdom denotes the pursuing of the best ends by the best means.

                                                                               Francis Hutcheson


Aquarian art


From the Ages of ages is the eternal Thought,

and the Thought is the Word,

and the Word is the Act,

and these Three are one in the Eternal Law,

and the Law is with God

and the Law proceeds from God.

All things are created by Law

and without It is not anything created that existeth.

In the Word is Life and Substance,

The Fire and the Light.

The Love and the Wisdom,

are One for the Salvation of all.

And the Light shineth in darkness

and the darkness concealeth it not.

The Word is the one Life-giving Fire,

Which shining into the world becometh the fire and light

of every soul that entereth into the world.

I am in the world, and the world is in Me,

and the world knoweth it not.

I come to my own House,

And my friends receive Me not.

But as many as receive and obey,

to them is given the power to become the sons and daughters of God,

even to them who believe in the Holy Name,

who are born-not of the will of the blood and flesh, but of God.

And the Word is incarnate and dwelleth among us,

Whose Glory we beheld, full of Grace.

Behold the Goodness, and the Truth and the Beauty of God!  


From The Gospel of the Holy Twelve


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