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I am the door; whoever enters through me will be saved.  He will come in and go out, and find pasture. 

                                                                                                          John 8,12





When one comes to a spiritual school, and if one really wants to learn and adjust the things  that are not correct in ones own life according to wisdom, then one should from the beginning try to take and accept willingly all the tasks that one may be asked to do, or those which oneself finds necessary, after analysing, and recognizing them with our whole being as truth.

To carry out these tasks and do them totally, without forgetting, in constant remembrance of your decisions is the first step of responsability without which real life is not possible. This responsability is one which grows from understanding. A general understanding and an understanding of our condition in life and of the laws which govern life.

In this way we can exercise will and conscience, we can develop both of them by doing daily the retrospection and morning concentration, and by trying to be present during the day. It`s I who is looking, hearing, reading...It´s I who is thinking, feeling, experiencing from moment to moment...

To see what we do, to have a clear and impartial vision of our experiences ist not easy, but is of great importance for all of us. Because we then may like a tree bring a lot of fruits.

We may learn to unite our reason and feeling in approaching reality, we may transform ourselves or learn to collect energies and use them properly, we may connect our capacities in order to move consciously in one direction, but more than these, we may learn to be masters of ourselves. To be masters of our actions, thougths, emotions, bodies... and in time also to raise our vibrations to a higher sphere of harmony and spiritual unconditional love.



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International meeting of the Rosicrucian Fellowship in 37100 Avesa-37023 Grezzana, Verona, Italy at the University Centre COSTAGRANDE from Thursday 19th of August to Sunday 22th August 1999.

The theme is: How to conform ourselves to the annual cycle of the christic ray.

·        Please announce yourself for the meeting, as soon as possible (in order to obtain a fixed price). Write to Gruppo studi rosacrociani di padova C.P. n. 948- 35100 Padova, Italia or c/o Luigi Zampieri- via Segantini, 34-35134 Padova, Italia- Tel: (0039) 049616929

·        E-mail: diapason@intercity. it


            * Reservation can be made to „International european meeting 1999“ by „Casa per ferie del Colegio Universitario“ Costagrande, Verona: 37023 Grezzana (VR) Tel: (0039) 045907656  Fax: (0039) 045907979

How do you get there: Highway A4 (Milano-Venezia)=Exit Verona Sud: Follow road signs for

„Fiera“ till „Porta Nuova“ (a great city gate); Before Porta Nuova turn left and follow road signs to „Borgo Trento“ Hospital. Pass the Hospital, at the first traffic-lights turn left and at the following crossroads (sign to Avesa) turn right; Past Avesa, go ahead for about 5 km till the summit of the hill: at the Residence gate, ring the bell. Go straight on for about 1 km inside the property.



Excerpts from Letters to Students  No. 39: Where shall we seek truth, and how shall we know it?  by Max Heindel:


In regard to the first part of the question then, „Where shall we seek truth?“ There is only one answer: within. It is absolutely a matter of moral development; and the promise of Christ that if we live the life we shall know the doctrine is true in the most literal sense. You will never find truth by studying my own or any other books. So long as you run after outside teachers, myself or any one else, you are simply wasting energy.

 Books and teachers may arouse your interest, and urge you to live the life, but only in so far as you make their precepts a part of your inner self are you really seeking in the right direction. The Elder Brother -whom I, perhaps mistakenly, speak of as Teacher- has never taught me directly since the first short period when that which is embodied in the Cosmo was given. And in the last year I have learned not to ask questions for I have noticed that whenever I did so he simply gave me a hint as to how I, myself, might obtain the desired information.

Now, instead of asking questions, I ask for directions as to how I may solve a problem. So you see that it is by using our own faculties, which may be compared to the talents spoken of by Christ, that we got the information of most value to ourselves.

The second part of the question, „How may we know the truth?“ is best answered by referring the student to the evening exercise given in the lecture No. 11, Spiritual Sight and Insight. It may be performed by any one regardless of whether he or she is a probationer of the Rosicrucian Fellowship or not.

The teacher said at the time of giving it that if it were possible to prevail upon the most depraved person in the world to perform this exercise faithfully for six months, he would be permanently reformed; and those who are faithful have found that it sharpens all mental faculties, particularly the memory. Besides, by this impartial judgement of oneself night after night, one learns to discern truth from error in a degree not attainable in any other way.

Not all our students may feel inclined to take up probationership, and we never urge any one to do anything in the Western Wisdom School. But if you really want to know truth I can honestly recommend this method. It develops an inner faculty and no matter what statement is made to you, once you have developed this, you will know at once whether it rings true or the reverse.    


An ancient history:


A long time ago a widower lived in a little city on the mountains, he had two sons. He liked sports and hunting. But one day, as he was hunting, he fell off his horse and hurt himself very much.

The comrades brought him home with a carrier, where he lived the rest of his life as an incurable invalid. He couldn`t walk anymore, not even get out of bed alone. He didn`t complain and show himself as an example of virtue. The preacher said: To see him was already a preaching.

Many years passed, the sons grew up and were careful with their father. And it was difficult and hard for them to leave him alone when they went to their work as merchants.

One day some friends came and brought to him a beautiful young lady with a friendly and loving heart. As she saw him confined to bed, she was full of sympathy and worry about him, and she asked if she could come from time to time to see him in order to bring happiness and cheerfulness to his loneliness and like a nurse to take care of him.

And it happened. She came and made the days of the old man less lonely and happier, cared for him, in the way he needed and consoled and encouraged him until she was for him indispensable. Because of this, the old man developed for her a lot of thankfulness and also a romantic affection in his heart, because she was lovely, friendly and beautiful. And also she gave him her heart out of compassion and admiration for his patience and goodness.

When the two brothers got to know what happened, they said: This will never go well! What does our father imagine, when he in his years falls in love and behaves himself unworthy? Besides this, what will the people speak?- they will also spread outrageous rumors, because it ìs against the convention  that an old man has a young and attractive lady around him, who is all day long alone with him. But the worst of all is: who knows if he leaves for her all his possesions or a part of it and in this manner is our rightful inheritage taken away? We should end as soon as possible this awful and dangerous situation. The two brothers made  an agreement with each other and prohibited the young lady to come into the house to see their father and gave the servants the order that under no condition or circumstance she will be allowed to enter the house.

In consequence the life energies disappeared from the heart of the old man and his being was full of sorrow, worry, and longing. Also out of disappointment about the stone like hearts of his sons, he got a terrible sickness, suffered all kinds of torments and pains and finally died and went to Elysium.

Only on the seashore of dead was he allowed to see her owing to a friendly mediation and arrangement of a good priest that reproached the hard hearts and behavior of his sons. In this manner he could say farewell to his beloved and also die in peace.

But the hand of destiny in the form of the law of cause and effect stroke the two sons and separeted them from each other. The youngest went shortly afterwards to the sea and was attacked and killed by sea robbers. The old one remained at home and suffered due to the loss of his brother and lived in loneliness and sorrow, because his brother was the only friend that he had.  




It´s not that we have little time, but it`s a lot of time that we do not use.



The spirit of democracy is not a mechanical thing to be adjusted by abolitions of forms. It requires change of the heart.

                                                                       Mahatma Gandhi


I feel prepared to flee along a new path, piercing ether`s vast dominions. To other spheres of pure activity.





Aquarian art



Retire: but look into your past impression!

And you will find, though shuddering at the mirror

Of your own thoughts, in all their self-confession,

The lurking bias, be it truth or error,

To the unknown; a secret prepossession,

To plunge with all your fears – but where?

You know not,

And that`s the reason why you do – or do not.


Lord Byron


If you can keep your head when all about you

are losing theirs and blaming it on you.

If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,

but make allowance for their doubting too;

If you can wait and not be tired of waiting.

Or being lied about, don`t deal in lies.

Or being hated, don`t give way to hating.

And yet don`t look to good, nor talk too wise.


If you can dream – and not make dreams your master;

If you can think – and not make thoughts your aim;

If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster

And treat those two impostors just the same.


If you can make one heap of all your winnings

And risk it on one turn of pitch and toss,

And lose, and start again at your beginnings

And never breathe a word about your loss.

If you can fill the unforgiving minute

With sixty seconds`worth of distance run.


Rudyard Kipling



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