March 1998




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He who loves his brother, remains in light, there is no stumble for him. 

                                                                                                          John´s letters 2,11





One aspect that helps to do the retrospeccion correctly is the active capacity to be present every moment of our days, ( one can only remenber according to the quality of our attention and consciousness), like William Shakeaspeare said „ To be or not to be, that is the question“ that is one of our permanent challenges in our life. This sentence in one of its significations, indicates the  ableness  to hear and look at the things around us and in us with clearness, as they are. This implies a  permanent conscious effort on our part whithout which  no real development is possible. How deep  is our awareness? What are we aware of? How long are we able to maintain this awareness? These are questions that may interest us, since the human brain is able through conscious attention to expand, or if we wish to divide this attention to even three or more subjects at a time.

It is necessary to perceive ourselves with all our functionings, in the following centers: instictive, movement, sexual, emotional, mental (physical, etheric, desire and mental bodies) and also to perceive the functionings of our higher centers, what we call spirit. Transformation of energies,   of negative emotions and refinement in general are possible through active awareness.  To perceive ourselves in our environment impartially without identification, without putting our attention exclusively and mechanically on something or someone is a correct way to use our freedom and will. Love is not possible without conscious attention of ourselves and of others. If you find yourself wandering away from the present, and that is all what we have, come back to your perception of yourself and your environment, without making a problem about your absence and use the looking and hearing exercise constantly. Keep the consciousness and feeling that it is you, who is  looking, hearing and perceiving. With this work your creativity and conscious soul will develop and you will be able to live free here and now. I invite you to try permanently, so that your love to yourself , others and to all will grow as well as  your objectivity and silence.




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International meeting of the Rosicrucian Fellowship in CH-7514 Sils Maria, Engadin, Switzerland from Thursday 27th of August to Sunday 30th of August 1998.

The theme is: How do we build our chain of body, soul and spirit to God

            * Please announce yourself for the meeting. Write to Annemarie Giovanoli

                                                                                                  La Motta

                                                                                                  CH-7514 Fex

                                                                                 or phone:  Tel: 0041 (0)81 826 55 68

                                                                                                 Fax: 0041 (0)81 826 52 94

            * Reservation can be made by „Hotel Seraina“, Mainstrasse, CH-7514 Sils Maria,

               Tel: 0041 (0)81 826 52 92

How do you get there: From Zurich take a train to St.Moritz, change over in Chur, take a bus from St.Moritz to Sils Maria. You step out of the bus just next door to the Hotel. Please make your reservations for the seminar which is listed as Rosicrucian Fellowship Meeting.



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Excerpts from The Rosicrucian Philosophy in Questions & Answers, Vol.1, No. 162. by Max Heindel:


...and prayer may be said to be the switch whereby we put ourselves in touch with the divine light and life, allowing it to flow into us and illuminate us for our spiritual uplifting.

... if our prayers are in conformity with the laws of God, the divine purpose can manifest through us and our prayers are answered, but if we pray contrary to the will of God, naturally, such a prayer would operate in a similar manner to a glass switch in an electric circuit.

As a great nation  sends its ambassador and plenipotentiaries to other nations, so there are also ambassadors from each one of the great Star Angels present upon our earth.

Their names are as follows:

Ithuriel is the ambassador from Uranus.

Cassiel is the ambassador from Saturn.

Zachariel is the ambassador from Jupiter.

Samael is the ambassador from Mars.

Anael is the ambassador from Venus.

Raphael is the ambassador from Mercury.

Michael is the ambassador from the Sun.

Gabriel is the ambassador from the Moon.

The moon is our satellite and is not in the same position as those of the other planets. The ambassadors from those planets are Archangels, while Gabriel is an Angel.

Ordinary humanity prays to God. These prayers are at the present time mostly selfish and ignorant. The prayers of much people cannot receive attention from the ambassadors who have charge over the different departments of life, but are generally attended to, as far as may be, by the Invisible Helpers who work for the upliftment of their brethren. The occult astrologer, however, who knows what he wants and is able to work in harmony with the stellar forces, addresses the ambassadors of the Star Angels directly and obtains his desire more easily in that way. He studies the planetary hours when those stars have rule and at that time proffers his request which is usually for someone else, or for spiritual illumination concerning certain matters to be used for the common good.



Excerpts  from The Gospel of the Holy Twelve edited by Ouseley. Chapter 57.8.


Jesus answered them and spoke: “Hear this parable of the fish. The fish of one river talked with each other and said: one affirms that our life comes from water, but we have never seen water, we don´t know what it is. Then some of them  that  were more clever than  the others said: we have heard that in the sea lives an  intelligent and wise fish that knows everything. Let´s go to him and ask him that he will show us the water. So, some of them went this way, in search of the big and wise fish, and they came finally to the ocean were the fish lived and asked him. After he heard them, he told them: O  you foolish fish!  Clever are you, the few who search. You live  and move in the water and in water you have your being ; out of the water did you come and to the water you return. You live in the water but you don´t know it. Equally you live in God, and you request from me: show us God. God is in all things and all things are in God.“





            ”Without sound of hammer“ has familiar a ring to the Rosicrucians as it may have to the Masons in building the vehicle of light needed to travel in the far foreign countries of the spiritual worlds, and to work in the vineyard of the Christ.

            The first principle is the inner temple cannot be built with separatism, but instead with the living ”philosopher’s stones“ of men and women, which will be humanity’s heritage of the coming New Age. These stones are made from the alchemical wedding of fire and water, the blending of the male and female principles. This living stone, which is also called the diamond body of the temple of God, is generated and raised to incandescence by high and noble thought, by meditation on spiritual subjects, by unselfish altruism expressed in daily life and by purifying the blood of passion. Max Heindel, messenger of the Elder Brothers of the Rose Cross and author of the Rosicrucian Cosmo-Conception, reminds us that when David desired to build a temple for the Lord he was denied the privilege because he had been a man of war. Whether separatism is an inner war with ourselves, the battle of the sexes or the warring of states and nations, such an activity is in direct opposition to the achievement and succesful building of the immaculate heart of the soft diamond body.

            The second principle is one that goes deep into the ancient Rosicrucian Philosophy. The gold referred to is the ”golden wedding garment“ made by pure Living. It is the alchemical wedding of Christian Rosenkreuz, the Thirteenth of the twelve Elder Brothers of the Rose Cross.

Many New Agers think the Rosicrucians in the Middle Ages had manifested external, physical gold, when it was internal, spiritual gold. If the average man or woman today knew the value of the miracle of building the diamond body, he or she would want that more than gold. It has been their best kept secret, but now that we are approaching the year 2000 and a new millenium, this inner process is no longer secret, but open to all men and women who want to know.

            The third principle is that we are all ”temple builders“ working under direction of God and his ministers, the divine Hierarchies. The Elder Brothers of the Rose Cross represent one of the branches of mystery schools that compose these divine Hierarchies who are guiding the evolution of humanity at this time. These Hierarchies are emphasizing the ”New Age of Aquarius“ which, according to the Rosicrucian Philosophy of the Elder Brothers, will not come for another 600 years. However, as we approach the year 2000 and the new millenium, we can begin to feel the orb of the Aquarius New Age ray which calls to us to build the spiritual temple, the diamond body. The mystic Masons and the Rosicrucians are not only forging an inner temple of the diamond body, but they are building the temple of humanity at large, so that the Christ Light can manifest throughout the world, and that the goal of Brotherhood and Sisterhood be realized ”without sound of hammer”.


                                                                          -The diamond body of the temple of God by Susan Lee White, probationer








Thou , O God, dost sell unto us all  good things, at the price of labor.

                                                                                   - Leonardo  da Vinci



Happy the man and happy he alone who can call today his own.



I´m glowing, radiating, intensified light. I´m the radiance of the central sun. A living fountain of light. I´m light´s fullest dimension. I´m the light of God´s full conscious presence. I´m living ever free.


Aquarian art




Form in your mind an image

of situations others are in.

The image serves as antenna,

And sympathy will begin.


Form in your mind an image

Of any system or thing.

The image resonates

And understanding will bring.


Form in your mind an image

Of what you would like to do.

The image then serves as template

For making it come true.


Form in your mind an image

Of the ideal ultimate goal.

Cling to this image firmly.

It will draw upward your soul.


                                         -Elsa Glover




Thou hearest the nightingale begin the song of spring.

The lark sitting üpon his earthy bed, just as the morn

 Appears, listens silent; then springing from the waving cornfield, loud

He leads the choir of day: trill, trill, trill, trill,

Mounting upon the wings of light into the great expanse,

Re-echoing against the lovely blue and shining heavenly shell,

His little throat labours with inspiration; every feather

On throat and breast and wings vibrates with the effluence divine.

All nature listens silent to him, and the awful sun

Stands still upon the mountain looking on this little bird

With eyes of soft humility and wonder, love and awe.


                                                       -William Blake        



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