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"Love the Lord your God with alI your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strenght and love your neighbour as yourself”.

Mark  12:30-31.



For the society in which we live success is very important and so everyone wants to have success, but real success is only possible when we live in our daily life with our family, neighbours and with all we meet the truth of divine love.

Many people are not yet evolved, so that we may see in them a duality in their beings, (this seeing, it may be also a projection of us) but if we concentrate in the truth of their beings, that is the divinity of their spirit, and keep our attention there, then we may begin to see the beauty of their beings and this beauty will also develop.

The essence of all religion and spiritual teachings are love, especially the essence of the teachings of Christ. And if we love our neighbours not only with our words, but in reality, with our deeds, then also our spiritual practices will be a help on our path and also will have a meaning.

For many persons and groups money has become a substitute for love, but this state can not last, because it is a reason for suffering and pain on many levels, since the nature of man from the very beginning is characterized by the necessity of love and care with which alone a healthy child can grow.

Man is a social being and is interrelated with others, and is more or less dependent of others. The state of others affects us, and we affect others with our state. So, even for achieving or realizing  a state of well-being  for ourselves we have to take care for the welfare of others, and this of course includes the responsibility and caring for all the things and living beings that exist.  

The individuals who really love God are those who love his creation and this includes the actual love for our neighbours, and as all of you know, love is expressed in giving. In giving lies joy, peace and freedom and in it is found the meaning and sense of life.



The next  Rosicrucian International Meeting will take place in August 2002 in Spain in the colegio mayor nebrija from Thursday 8th in the afternoon through Sunday 11th after midday. For more information contact: Francisco Nacher: Email:

The High School NEBRIJA is located in the middle of the University Campus, surrounded by beautiful gardens in a very quite zone, 200 meters far from Princesa Avenue,  one of the most important avenues in Madrid.

Individual or double rooms with private bath each one with lovely view of the Campus, have been reserved for all participants until July 10th. After that, Organisation will be not responsible for room's availability.


Registations send to: VIAJES INTERSOL, S.A.

Oquendo, 18


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Excerpts from "Occult Principles of Health and Healing" from page 111, by Max Heindel:

Today our food is such that, instead of nourishing the body as it should, it depletes us and makes us subject to various diseases. A satisfactory diet must be properly balanced in every respect, and if we wish to live without meat altogether, it is absolutely essential that we should study a table of food values so that we get the necessary proteins from the vegetables we eat. There is in the skull at the base of the brain a flame; it burns continually in the medulla oblongata at the head of the spinal chord. This fire emits a singing sound like the buzz of a bee, which is the keynote of the physical body, and is sounded by the archetype. It builds in and cements together that mass of cells that is known as "our body". The fire burns high or low, clear or dim, according to how we feed it. We replenish this sacred fire partly from the forces from the sun. We also feed the fire from the living fire we absorb from the uncooked food which we eat and thus assimilate. Not everyone can live on raw plant life, but let us keep the thought always with us: Fruits are an ideal diet; fresh fruits contain water of the purest and best kind, capable of permeating the system in a marvellous manner. Citrus fruits are actually antiseptic in a very high degree: oranges, lemons, grapefruits and especially the pineapple. And it may be said that fresh vegetables and ripe fruits contain the greatest proportion of nutritious matter and the least of earthy substances. There are twelve salts in the body, they are very vital and represent the twelve signs of the zodiac. These salts are required for the building of the body. They are not mineral salts as generally supposed, but are vegetable, and therefore we have to obtain these salts through the vegetable kingdom. Fire destroys the vital body of the plant and leaves only the mineral parts; if we desire to renew the supply of any salt in our body we must obtain it from the uncooked plant. To the sick this is the way it should be administered. Phosphorus is the particular element by means of which the Ego is able to express thought and influence the physical body. Proportion and variation of this substance is found to correspond to the state of intelligence of the individual. Idiots have very few; shrewd thinkers have much phosphorus. It is therefore of great importance, that the aspirant who is to use his body for mental and spiritual work, should supply his brain with the substance necessary for that purpose (Linseed and the leaves of parsnips and carrots etc. contain much phosphorus). Indigestible foods have a wonderful health value. The indigestible cellulose gives the necessary amount of bulk and causes irritation in the digestive tract which is absolutely essential to cause peristalsis and secretion of the necessary digestive ferments. There is no question that whole wheat is more nutritious, palatable and healthful than white flour, but not because of the mineral salts in it. The coarser particles of the whole wheat flour pass through the intestinal tract undigested; they massage them, so to speak, irritate them, and induce a flow of blood which keeps the intestines sweet and healthy.

We have two great aids to health which enable us to get so much more benefit from our food that all who desire to get health or to keep it, ought to employ them. Their names are "thorough mastication" and "enjoyment". They will do more for the welfare of the body than all the drugs and doctors in the world, and like all other habits, they can be cultivated.




We would like to inform you about the books of Dr. Norman W. Walker: especially about “Fresh fruit and vegetable juices”, in which his detoxication- therapy  is recommended. In this therapy sodium-sulphate and citrus-fruits are used, it purifies effectually the body within a few days. Other books by him are: “Water can destroy your health”, “Intestine health”, etc.




Meerdur the fish and Aossin the fisher

Once there was a fish, his name was Meerdur. He lived on the ground of the sea, was a great mystic and wore a golden crown. He was famous for his wisdom and love, and so more and more fish took the long way through the Oceans in order to meet him once in their live. And above the surface of the sea there was told a story about a wondrous fish, who could speak to man, touch his soul and heal him. Also an old fisher had heard about Meerdur. He had finished his job many years ago, because he had suffered with the tormented creatures and had become their friend, finally he had turned to God. But there was an inexpressible sorrow in his soul, for after the death of his beloved wife, he hadn't become happy again. Although he prayed to God daily with a glowing heart and had done the spiritual lessons for many years, this shadow didn't disappear. So he still sought for relief from the pain. The fisher's name was Aossin and all who met him, liked him for his friendliness and humility. He was a good counsel-lor and an active helper. But they couldn't aid him in his sorrow and so Aossin decided to go to Meerdur. Now the question was: How to reach him? On board of a submarine, in a diving-bell? The sailors and captains wouldn't believe such things and would have considered him as crazy. Also there were very few people who had heard about this enigmatic fish but they didn't know where to seek him. And so the old fisher became more and more grieved and every evening he complained his sorrow to the rushing waves. On one of these evenings he heard a fine song from the waves, but first he couldn't see anybody. Finally a small red fish appeared with a radiating light in his eyes and said: "Fisher, we've heard about you and know that you wish nothing more than to meet Meerdur. I can help you to come to him. But before I tell you how, you shall be tested. In three days I'll be back again." A quiet enchanting singing resounded and the small red fish disappeared in the waves. Aossin couldn't almost realize what he had seen and heard; he should meet Meerdur! But soon he was sad again: how could he pass the test? What did he need to know, the wonderful messenger from the sea hadn't told him nothing of it... He laid down and fell asleep. The next morning he awoke oddly refreshed and happy, and even had a song on his lips. The day was well done; he had found encouraging words for his daughter who suffered from marriage problems. Also the following morning he awoke refreshed and glad; this day an old school-friend had come, and they spent the whole afternoon and evening together. The school-friend left him happily, because Aossin had been a good listener and counsellor. The following night was different: the fisher couldn't close any eye, he had a very sad dream about his wife and on the next morning he awoke tired and with a dull headache. During the day the unpleasant incidents continued: Aossin had to endure many hostilities, but he met them all even-tempered and with great awareness. Finally the mighty impact of the in rapid succession following incidents decreased in the evening and also the headache disappeared. And when he just wanted to stretch out his tired limbs on the beach, having already forgotten the fish and the test, the supernatural song resounded again and the Red with the radiating light in the eyes came up. "Fisher", he started, "you have passed the test. Selflessly you have served your brethren and even in difficult situations you have kept balance and watchfulness. Through your helpful life and the lessons you have woven yourself a dress, which is ready to be used and which is the vehicle to come to Meerdur. I'll show you now how to use it consciously." And although the fisher was very astonished about the talk of the small fish and had nothing seen or heard about this dress till now, he listened carefully to him. The following nights the Red taught him an effective relaxation-method and a special will-lesson. After several nights of training the fisher was ready to lay down on his bed; he practiced the lesson and left the room very light in a golden shimmering dress. The end of this story is told quickly: Aossin met this remarkable fish. Meerdur told him many very private things, which Aossin kept deep in his heart. From now on he was relieved from the pain in his soul, for he found out, that in this dress he also could visit his beloved wife and other friends who had gone. And step by step Aossin became a more useful helper in both worlds, and whenever he listened into his heart, he heard that subtle melody, which he had perceived since the first meeting with the small red fish.        

-John Reed




Fire destroys all sophistry, that is deceit; and maintains truth alone, that is gold.

                                                                                                                                                                                 Leonardo Da Vinci


Maintain yourself, your thought and feeling, within a circle quite confined and fixed.

                                             Johann W. Goethe


A thing of beauty is a joy for ever: its loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness.

                                                                                                                                                                                 Francis Hutcheson


*                  *                  *


Aquarian art


From the Ages of ages

was your song, your tender inspiration

was your indescribable music that lovingly lifts us

to that sweet and true heaven

to thine presence

from the beginning of time was your thought

creative and subtle

thine strenght, power and perfection inspire us in beauty

thine eternal glance of light

enables us to comprehend thine creation

it gives us that fire of infiniteness

of joy and love

you are the sculptor and the perfect sculpture

that teach us in silence

everything is fertilized through thine light

all sings and melts in an expansion of happiness

thine tenderness finds its center each time more deeply in our chests

the wonder that we live with thine grace every moment

brings us near to your being

each shadow disappears with thine inmortal light

we can only see your light

we can only listen to your music

we feel only thine presence

we express only your creation

renewed in that eternal rebirth

we receive thine divine kisses.

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