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 June  2005


"On that day you will realise that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you”

                                                                                                                      John 14:20

An essential motivation for a man is to wish to attain the highest possible because of a tender spiritual love for all beings. By attaining a higher level of consciousness, you will acquire also discernment and wisdom, which are necessary to be real useful on a higher scale.

In many traditions it has been pointed out with how much intensity one should go and practice the way which has been shown to us.  It has been said that we should practice with as much intensity as a  drowning man is in need of air, or as a man whose head is burning needs ardently  to extinguish the fire or as a man who is dying of thirst and is in need of water. Try to think about these images and feel the implicit messages. Yet a spiritual resolution should be practiced with total confidence and equipoise.

Another aspect is that all kinds of negative emotions, thoughts and deeds make it impossible for you to perceive the reality as it is, and make it also impossible for you to understand and follow a true spiritual teaching.

In every situation it is possible to react mechanically, primitively or like an animal or even worse, or one decides to behave in a noble form through conscious work. So, let’s try to learn nobility, beauty, harmony and eventually love in our behaviour.

It is necessary to leave behind these unwanted stepping stones and work with tranquillity of mind to transmute these negative conditions by using your creativity in cultivating all that is good. When you see that these destructive emotions, thoughts and deeds not only create problems for you, but also in your family, group, society and world in which you live, you can develop great intensity in doing what is beautiful, truthful and good. You will naturally accept that it is necessary to work consciously and cultivate love and reverence for the divine in you, in others and everywhere. Let’s keep in mind and remember that the heart and center of any spiritual group is constituted and guarded by those individuals who daily put into practice the teachings and by so doing they become a living example of goodness.

The highest can come and live in you permanently, not just for an evanescent moment, if you are also constantly attentive and conscious to the highest.



We would like to announce to you that the next International Meeting of the Rosicrucian Fellowship will be held in Sils-Maria , Switzerland . From18.8.2005 to 21.8.2005 in the new Max Heindel Gesundheitscenter 7514 Sils- Maria, Schweiz

Tel.0041 (0)81 834 2122 Fax 0041 (0) 81 834 2124. All friends are welcome.


The theme will be:  „How to heal oneself and with this also your fellow”

Hotel Seraina 7514 Sils Maria. Ch. Tel: 0041 (0) 81 838 4800 Fax:  0041 (0) 81 826 5013


Exerpts from “RCC ”, page 107,111 , by Max Heindel


There is in the universe neither reward nor punishment. All is the result of invariable law. The action of  this law will be more fully elucidated in the next chapter, where we shall find it associated with another Great Law of the Cosmos, which also operates in the evolution of man. The law we are now considering is called the law of Consequence.

In the Desire World it operates in purging man of the baser desires and the correction of the

weaknesses and vices which hinder his progress, by making him suffer in the manner best adapted to that purpose. If he had made others suffer, or has dealt unjustly with them, he will be made to suffer in that identical way. Be it noted, however, that if a person has been subject to vices, or has done wrong to others, but has overcome his vices, or repented and, as far as possible, made right the wrong done, such repentance, reform and restitution have purged him of those special vices and evil acts. The equilibrium has been restored and the lesson learned during that embodiment, and therefore will not be a cause of suffering after death.

To do good to others because we want them to do good to us is essentially selfish. In time we must learn to do good regardless of how we are treated by others; as Christ said, we must love even our enemies.

There is an inestimable benefit in knowing about the method and object of this purgation, because we are thus enabled to forestall it by living our purgatory here and now day by day, thus advancing much faster than would otherwise be possible.


An exercise is given in the latter part of this work, the object of which is purification as an aid to the development of spiritual sight. It consists of thinking over the happenings of the day after retiring at night. We review each incident of the day, in reverse order, taking particular note of the moral aspect, considering whether we acted rightly or wrongly in each particular case regarding actions, mental attitude and habits. By thus judging ourselves day by day, endeavoring to correct mistakes and wrong actions, we shall materially shorten or perhaps even eliminate the necessity for purgatory and be able to pass to the first heaven directly after death. If in this manner, we consciously overcome our weaknesses, we also make a very material advance in the school of evolution. Even if we fail to correct our actions, we derive an immense benefit from judging ourselves, thereby generating aspirations toward good, which in time will surely bear fruit in right action.

In reviewing the day's happenings and blaming ourselves for wrong, we should not forget to

impersonally approve of the good we have done and determine to do still better. In this way we enhance the good by approval as much as we abjure the evil by blame.

Repentance and reform are also powerful factors in shortening the purgatorial existence, for nature never wastes effort in useless processes.

When we realize the wrong of certain habits or acts in our past life, and determine to eradicate the habit and to redress the wrong committed, we are expunging the pictures of them from the subconscious memory and they will not be there to judge us after death. Even though we are not able to make restitution for a wrong, the sincerity of our regret will suffice. Nature does not aim to "get even," or to take revenge. Recompense may be given to our victim in other ways.

Much progress ordinarily reserved for future lives will be made by the man who thus takes time by the forelock, judging himself and eradicating vice by reforming his character. This practice is earnestly recommended. It is perhaps the most important teaching in the present work.


The three green branches: compiled by the brothers Grimm


There was once an eremite. He lived in the woods at the foot of a mountain and used his time in praying and in doing good works. Each evening he took, in order to praise God, some pitchers with water the way up to the mountain. Some animals drank from this water, some plants were refreshed with it. On the high mountain there was usually a strong wind which dried the air and the grounds, so that the birds around were looking where to pick up some water for drinking.  And because the eremite was a very good man, an angel of God, whom he could see, accompanied him the way upwards, counted his steps and gave him to eat when the work was done, like the prophet of God who was fed by the birds.

When the eremite in his holiness reached an old age, it came to pass, that from far away he saw a man who was not good and vicious, that was taken to the gallows. He thought and said for himself: “Now happens to him what he merits.” At night, when he took the water upwards the angel who usually accompanied him did not appear to him. He also did not bring food for him.

In that moments he feared and searched in his heart what he had done, that God was not anymore in harmony with him. Yet, he did not know.  He did not drink, nor eat anymore and prayed day and night. And once in the woods as he was bitterly crying he heard a bird that sang so beautifully and touching. With these impressions he was more touched in his soul and said: “Why do you sing so happily?” God is with you in harmony, but not with me. Can you tell with what behaviour I have offended him, so that I can clean myself from these, and make my hearth again joyful? The bird said: You made a mistake because you condemned a poor sinner who was taken to the gallows, that is why God turned away from you. He alone can judge. But he will pardon you if you do confess and repent your sin. Then the angel of God appeared to him and he had a dry branch in his hand and said: you should carry with you this dry branch until it brings forth three green branches, but in the evening when you want to sleep you should put it under your head. The meals you should ask from the doors of others and not stay more than one night in the same house. This is the task that God gives to you.

The eremite took this dry wood and went into the world which he had not seen for so long. He drank and ate nothing, but what others gave to him; many times when he asked he got nothing and the doors remained closed, so that he often did not take any food for his body the whole day long. One day he again received nothing and nobody wanted to take him for a night into their home, so that he went into the woods and after a search he found a constructed cave and also an old lady that was inside.  He said: Good lady, let me sleep one night in your cave. But she answered: “No, I can not do this, even if I wanted, because I have three sons which are bad and when they come back from plundering and find you here, they will kill you and also will kill me.” He said: “Let me remain here, they will not do anything to me and will also not injure you.” She was moved by his words and consented. He stretched himself under the staircase and put the branch beneeth his head.

When she saw this, she asked why he was doing that. He told her his story and said that he saw a bad man who was taken to dead and that he spoke that he gets what he has merited and also told her about the penance that he took …She said: when God punished only one word, how it will be with my sons when they appear before God for judgement. At midnight the robbers came back, made fire and as the cave was lighted, they saw a man lying under the staircase and they were angry and asked the mother:”Who is that man? Didn’t we forbid you to bring anyone here.” The mother said: “He is a poor sinner who is cleaning his sin.” - They said: “What did he do? Tell us about his sins.” The old eremite stood up and told them that with only one word he had committed a sin and that he now repents. By this tale the thieves were so deeply touched in their hearts, so that they were scared of their own past. They went inside themselves and began to repent their sins. The eremite after he redeemed these three sinners went to sleep again under the staircase. In the morning one found him dead and on the dry wood upon which his head reposed one saw three good grown green branches. God in his grace had again welcomed him in His bosom.



The Grimm Brothers'Children's and Household Tales (Grimms' Fairy Tales)




Existence begins in every instant.


Only a brave person is willing to honestly admit, and fearlessly to face, what a sincere and logical mind discovers.
Rodan of Alexandria


If you love the good that you see in another, you make it your own.

St Gregory the Great     





Aquarian art


My soul is occupied,
And all my substance in His service;
Now I guard no flock,
Nor have I any other employment:
My sole occupation is love.


The bride has entered
The pleasant and desirable garden,
And there reposes to her heart's content;
Her neck reclining
On the sweet arms of the Beloved.


                                                                                      St. John of the Cross


*                      *                      *

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