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"I tell you the truth, no-one can enter the kingdom of  God unless he is born of water and the spirit”

                                                                                                                                                                  John 3:5.


It is very important for us to realize that God does not lead us all by the same road, and perhaps he who believes himself to be going along the lowest of the roads is the highest in the Lord’s eyes. The chief object of the devil’s work on earth is to fill us with pride and humility is the principal virtue which must be practiced by those who pray. As we do not understand ourselves and know not what we ask, let us leave everything to the Lord, Who knows us better than we know ourselves. True humility consists in our being satisfied with what is given to us.

Persons who are called to the active life must not murmur at others who are very much absorbed in contemplation, for contemplatives know that, though they themselves may be silent, the Lord will speak for them, and this, as a rule, makes them forget themselves and everything else. Reflect that true humility consists to a great extent in being ready for what the Lord desires to do with you and being happy that He will do it.

The point is that the Lord knows everyone as he really is and gives each his works to do-according to what He sees to be the most fitting for his soul, and for his own self, and for the good of his neighbour. Unless you have omitted to prepare yourselves for your work you need have no fear that it will be lost. Note that I say: we must all strive to do this, for we are here for no other purpose; and we must not strive merely for a year, or for two years or ten years, or it will look as if we are abandoning our work like cowards. It is good that the Lord sees, that we are not leaving anything undone.

There are some souls, and some minds, as unruly as horses not yet broken in. I am very sorry for them. No one can stop them: now they go this way, now that way; they are never still. Although a skilled rider mounted on such a horse may not always be in danger, he will be so sometimes; and, even if he is not concerned about his life, there will  always be the risk of his stumbling, so that he has to ride with great care.

You will be glad, if God grants you to drink of His water, as are those who drink of it now, and you will understand how a genuine love to God, if it is really strong, and completely free from earthly things, and who is able to rise above them, is master of all the elements and of the whole world.

Do you know what cleansing properties there are in this living water, this heavenly water, this clear water, when it is unclouded, and free from mud, and comes down from heaven? Once your soul has drunk of it I’ m convinced that it makes it pure and clean of all its sins; for, as I have written, God does not allow us to drink of this water of perfect contemplation whenever we like: the choice is not ours; this divine union is something quite supernatural, given that it may cleanse the soul and leave it pure and free from the mud and misery in which it has been plunged because of his sins.

So dearly does He love our souls that He prevents them from rushing into things which may do them harm just at this time when he is anxious to help them. So He calls them to His side at once, and in a single moment reveals more truths to them and gives them a clear insight into the nature of everything than they could otherwise gain in many years. For our sight is poor and the dust which we meet on the road blinds us; but in contemplation the Lord brings us to the end of the day’s journey without our understanding how.

                                                                                                                                            Teresa of Avila

Taking a step forward towards human brotherhood a successful Rosicrucian International European Meeting took place in Madrid from August 8th to 11th in a very nice hotel near the airport. There were about 45 participants from different parts of Europe and representants from various continents of the World. “We are an aquarian force” was the motto of the meeting, in which an atmosphere of  peace, love and cooperation was felt.

All participants worked in groups in order to share and increase the insights and knowledge about the theme of this meeting: the Aquarian age. Afterwards the participants met to share a general summary in which the groups exposed their work. There was time for the morning and evening services, for personal contacts and also free time which many people used to get to know Madrid or Toledo. In one night a cultural took place event in which some presents were shared and many participants showed their arts. We announce to you that the next international meeting will take place in France.


Excerpts from "The Rosicrucian Philosophy in Questions and Answers, Vol. 1 from page 218-219, by Max Heindel:


The story of the prodigal son was a parable whereby the Christ intended to teach a lesson and not an actual fact. It’s a story which tells of the spirit’s pilgrimage through matter. There are different classes of spirits. Some, but not all, have gone into the school of experience, the world. They have descended from their high state in the World of God gradually deeper and deeper into the sea of matter which blinds them. At last they find themselves immeshed in the dense matter of the Physical World. That is the turning point where they wake up; where the unconscious path of involution ends; where self-consciousness is attained plus a consciousness of the world without. But the spirit within is not content to remain in this world. Re-awakened to a sense of its inherent divinity it feels drawn anew to the highest spheres, and says ”I will rise and go to my Father”.

Then comes the toil of stripping off the various vehicles in which it has become immeshed and of raising itself once more to the conscious communion with God. While engaged in the arduos task “the Father meets it a long way off”; the still small voice from within begins to speak and tell of the heavenly glories and, at last, when either the evolution of humanity has been completed or the single spirit has taken the short cut of initiation, there is a reunion with God and the other brothers who have not yet gone out into the school of experience. Naturally there is more rejoicing over the return of one who has fought the good fight and has come back to his heavenly home, than over the one who has not yet sought to improve his opportunity.





Two  ancient stories:


The request of the 13th bird:


Another bird asked the Hoopoe: "O you, whose motives are without deceitfulness, tell me how I can be sincere on that way to God. For I can't give up the desire of my heart, I put in everything I have to reach my goal. What I had, I have lost; what I kept, transformed into scorpions. I'm not bound through any bonds and have thrown away all chains and hindrances. I want to go sincerely the spiritual path, in hope to stand once before the object of my devotion face to face."

The Hoopoe answered: "This way is not accessible for everybody, only the sincere can walk on it. Who strives on this path, must do it calmly and with his very heart. When you have burned everything you possess, sweep the ash together and sit onto it. Before you haven't renounced all things of this world, one after another, you won't be free. For you will stay only a short time in the prison of this world, you should come off everything. When death is coming - can the things, which now make you to a slave, turn it away from you? In order to be able to walk this way, one has to be sincere with oneself - and that is more difficult as you belief.


The request of the 21st bird:


Another bird asked the Hoopoe: "O you, who you will lead us to the unknown majesty, tell us: What is highest appreciated on his court? When one goes to a king, one has to take precious gifts with him; only unworthy people approach Him with empty hands."

The Hoopoe responded: "When you want to follow my counsel, you must bring things with you, which don't exist there. Does it fit to take something with you, what the Simurgh already possesses? True knowledge exists in His kingdom, secrets are there and obedience to higher beings are to be found there. Therefore bring Him the glowing passion of love and the fervour of the spirit; nobody can offer anything else like that. If only one sigh of love gets to His residence, it will wear the perfume of the heart with it. That place is consecrated the essence of the soul. If a man heaves even only one sigh of true repentance, from then on he will be in possession of deliverance.   

          -  Attar




Much of your pain is self chosen. It is the bitter potion by which the physician within you heals your sick self.

-Kahlil Gibran

Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity

Horace Mann

What we call learning is only a process of recollection.



Aquarian art


The days of passion are away

the heavy sleep is consumed

the moments of awareness are continued

and always yours

the one consciousness

comes in silence

with his unfailing will of love

it gives you fragrance

this ancient wine

which glows in every cell

it is he

who wants to welcome you

who embossoms you in love

in threefold ways your attention

should be given to your friend

this work of works

that with his grace

will teach you all

you are in silence

and breathe his grace and joy

which spread everywhere

just dancing in his garden of flowers

just twinkling like stars

where only astonishment

deep reverence and thankfulness

keep you inspired.


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