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 „The kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ, and he will reign for ever and ever”.

                                                                                                       Revelation 11:15


 In the Light of God which is called the Kingdom of Heaven the Sound is wholly soft, pleasant, lovely, pure and thin, yea as a stillness in reference to our outward gross shrillness in our pronouncing, speaking, sounding, singing and chanting as if the mind did play and melodize in a Kingdom of Joy within itself, and did hear in a most entire inward manner such a sweet pleasing melody and tune and yet outwardly did neither hear or understand it.

God, who is a Spirit, has by and through his manifestation introduced himself into distinct spirits, which are the voices of his eternal pregnant harmony in the manifested Word of his great kingdom of joy: they are God's instrument, in which his Spirit melodizes in his kingdom of joy; they are angels, the flames of fire and light, in a living, understanding dominion.

If you should in this world bring many thousand sorts of musical instruments together, and all should be tuned in the best manner most artificially, and the most skillful masters of music should play on them in concert together, all would be no more than the howlings and barkings of dogs in comparison of the Divine Music, which rises through the Divine Sound and tunes from Eternity to Eternity.

Oh! Thou blind mind full of darkness, the Heaven where God dwells is also in thee.

                 Jacob Boehme

The last International Meeting of the Rosicrucian Fellowship in Europe took place in France from July 31st to August 3rd in Fontenay-aux-Roses, about ten kilometers from Paris. The theme was:"The Mystic Wedding".

In France, about ten kilometres from Paris, from July 31st to August 3 rd 2003 in Fontenay-aux-Roses, took place a Rosicrucian European Meeting with the  following theme: The mystic Wedding.

Excerpts from “Christianity Lectures”, “Occult Principles of Health and Healing” and “The Rosicrucian Cosmo Conception” by Max Heindel:

That ocean of harmony, where the heavenly "music of the spheres" is heard, is in the part of the Region of Concrete Thought which, in the esoteric Christian religion, we call the second heaven; and so the musician only hears the echoes of the celestial strains; yet they are sweeter than any he ever heard on Earth, and his soul revels in their exquisite harmony, the earnest ?of better things to come.

No matter how materialistic a man may have been on Earth, that state of mind has now vanished, and the man knows that he is inherently divine when he reaches this Great Silence which is the portal to his heavenly home. It is as when one awakens after a dreadful dream, and draws a deep sigh of relief at finding that the occurrences of the dream were not realities.

So the Ego, when it enters this Great Silence, awakes from the delusions and illusions of Earth-life with a sense of infinite relief, is filled with a feeling of impregnable security, feels anew the restful repose of being in the everlasting arms of the Great Universal Spirit.

Presently there break upon the Ego's ear the indescribable harmonies of celestial music which fills this Region incessantly. It is no figment of the fancy when celestial music is spoken of, although it is untrue that the dead people who had little or no sense for music during Earth-life have suddenly developed a passion for and the faculty of expressing music at death. The fact of the matter is, that the World of Thought, where the Second Heaven is located, is also the realm of tone, as the Desire World is the world of light and color, and the Physical World is the world of form. Celestial music is a fact and not a mere figure of speech.

Echoes of that heavenly music reach us even here in the Physical World. They are our most precious possession, even though they are as elusive as a will-o'-the-wisp, and cannot be permanently created, as can other works of art--a statue, a painting, or a book. In the Physical World tone dies and vanishes the moment after it is born. In the first heaven these echoes are, of course, much more beautiful and have more permanency, hence there the musician hears sweeter strains than ever he did during earth life.

Pythagoras spoke of the harmony of the spheres, and he did not use that expression simply as a poetical allusion. There is such a harmony. We are told by John that in the beginning was the Word...and without it was nothing made that was made. That was the creative fiat which first started the world into being. We hear of celestial music, for from the point of the heaven world, everything is first created in terms of sound which then molds concrete matter into the multitudinous forms which we see around us. Orderly rhythmic sound is the builder of all that is, the creator and sustainer of all form.

The sowing seed:

And again he spoke, saying, the kingdom of heaven  is like unto the sowing of seed. Behold a sower went forth to sow, and as he sowed, some seeds fell by the wayside, and the fowls of the air came and devoured them.

And others fell upon rocky places without much earth, and straightway they sprang up because they had no deepness of earth, and when the sun was risen they were scorched, and because they had no root they withered away.

And others fell among thorns, and the thorns grew up and choked them. And others fell upon good ground, ready prepared, and yielding fruit, some a hundredfold, some sixty, some thirty. They who have ears to hear let them hear.

Hear ye also the parable of the sower. The seed that fell by the wayside is like as when any hear the word of the kingdom, and understand it not, then cometh the wicked one and catched away that which was sown in their heart. These are they which received seed by the wayside.

And they that received the seed into stony places, the same are they that hear the Word and anon with joy receive it. Yet have they not root in themselves but endure only a while, for when tribulation or persecusion ariseth because of the Word, by and by they are offended.

They also that received seed among the thorns are they that hear the Word, and the cares of this world and the deceitfulness of riches choke the Word, and they become unfruitful.

But they that receive the seed into the good ground, are they that hear the Word and understand it, who also bear fruit and bring forth, some thirty, some sixty, some a hundred fold.

These things I declare unto you of the inner circle; but to those of the outer in parables. Let them hear who have ears to hear.

The gospel of the holy twelve. Translated from the original aramaic by Ouseley



I will not accept a doctrine because the learned has so stated, nor will I accept it because the gods themselves have so spoken; I will accept it only because it is true.

- Gautama Budha


Ugliness and discord and inharmonious motion are nearly allied to ill words and ill nature, as grace and harmony are the twin sisters of goodness and virtue and bear their likeness.



The whole world is reverberating with Sound, to listen to it thou must unseal thine inner ears,


 then shalt thou hear an Unending Music, and that shall lead thee beyond the confines of death.

 - Maulana  Rumi

Aquarian art


O son of the earth

I want to teach you

To receive the power

It is the solution for all difficulties

It is the way

That leads to immortality

Be also sure

That it comes only to one

Who like a thirsty in the desert

In his fight with death

Has still only one wish

It is the water

That springs from the source of eternity

                                                             Pir Kejttep Ancari



O all you gods of the soul mansion

Who judge sky and earth in the balance

Who give food and provisions

Lord of the sky, who made the gods

The mansion of the prince is in festival

The gods are in joy

May you be gracious to me when I see your beauty

Having departed from upon earth

May he grant that I see the sun disk

And behold the moon unceasingly every day

May my soul go forth travel to every place, that it desires

                                                                                                               From the Papyrus of Ani

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