Sept. 1997



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Man looks, what is in front of his eyes, but the Lord looks into the heart.

   - I. Samuel16,7


    We are very thankful to God, Christ and the Elder Brothers of the Rose Cross and to all people who participated in our meeting in Pernegg/ Austria, because it brought us a lot of new spiritual insights and joy.  And we think, that for a beginning it was a very necessary step forward in Europe in order to create fellowship and to learn to work harmoniously and lovingly with each other. During the meeting it was a success and an enrichment to have short lectures, workshops with groups of 4-5 people and then a summary, because it increased the communication and understanding, likewise the cultural event was a very uplifting experience for all of us, and also the painting. For people who didn’t attend the meeting we would like to say, that we worked on the retrospection, morning exercise, the power of thought and practicing Divine Love in daily life. It is for us very important, that everyone should participate equally in the lectures (for this reason we need new lecturers for the next year), workshops, services, so that nobody leads but everyone has the same possibilities to express her/himself. Thats why we take the responsibility for the newsletters for one year (until the end of August 1998) and then a group from another country should take on this work. We would like to announce, that the next seminar will be probably in September 1998 in Sils Maria, Switzerland.

Study Group Vienna


On August 8-10 of this year a Seminar about the Rosicrucian teachings was held in Europe (Pernegg - Austria). There were 27 people present from 8 different countries - Austria, Ecuador, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Switzerland and U.S.A.

            The air was filled with love, which has been deeply etched within the hearts of all the participants. Happiness and joy came from within and Fellowship reigned supreme among all of us. It is truly a transcendental experience when one is able to feel that „God is light, if we walk in the light as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one another.“

            As a language of a country is common to the people of that particular country, a common denominator was also shared by the participants of the Seminar, namely, the Teachings of the Rose Cross. There was no place for politics or for idiotic differences that happen so often in our midst and destroy the very essence of our movement. If they were, they remained at the door step, could not come in; when there is Love and Fellowship, fear and wickedness cannot exist. „Perfect Love casteth out fear“.

            In order to build upon the Pernegg’s Seminar, it is therefore important, that we keep that spirit alive. In that perspective we decided to bring forward a Newsletter, which is the link to bring the people together, not only the ones who attended the Seminar but whoseoever wants to receive it.

            We all have to learn how to stand alone, and the purpose of the Teachings is to emancipate and to strenghten every soul, so it shall need neither prop nor guide. At the same time we feel, that in spiritual inaugurated freedom we must learn and appreciate to work with each other. There is no other way to put the Spirit in Fellowship. We are not to lean on one another, but in unity there is strength.

            The success of any movement depends wholly upon the manner in which each single individual takes part. The success of spreading the Teachings depends upon us, in doing our duty to the fullest extent or the movement suffers. „There is no better way to progress individually than to work for the Cause, and the more earnest and enthusiastic we are the sooner we realize the ideal of the Rosicrucian Fellowship „From nothing, nothing comes - soul growth depends on action“. To whom much is given of him much shall be required. The lofty Teachings of the Rosicrucian Felowship have been given to us, it is therefore our duty to share them with others.

            May this Newsletter give you greater motivation and concentration on the Work, so that you do not feel that you are alone with your efforts. We would like you to give us some suggestions on the name the Newsletter should have. This is our work and you are a part of it. You can write articles on the Teachings, vegetarian food, humor etc. Make it concise and keep it to the point.

Antonio Ferreira, Portugal


Your contributions to the Newsletters on any topic you like are welcome, but please be short (not more than 1/2 side A4). We have one name for these Newsletters, that is:


 Christian Newsletters


If you like this name please tell us, and if you have other suggestions, let us know. We are also open for suggestions concerning a sign/ symbol on the top of this paper.

We ask you, Centers and Study Groups, to distribute the Newsletters among all friends, students and probationers.


The following excerpts were spoken by Corinne Heline on the 23rd of July 1965 at Mount Ecclesia in rememberance of 100 years after the birth of Max Heindel:

I would like to describe the first day I met him at Mount Ecclesia. He came to me with both hands and his sweet face was illuminated with tenderness, sympathy and compassion. I would like, that you understand, that I didn’t have any personal contact with him before, I only knew him through his book. You could imagine my surprise and strangeness, when he took my hands in his hands and lovingly told me: „My girl, I was with you at day and also at night during this terrible test (the death of her mother), that you already passed. I knew, that when you are finished with this, you will come to me. Now you always belong to my work.“ This, my dear friends, was a transcendental day of my life, because after this day I devoted myself totally to a spiritual life and to the Rosicrucian philosophy.  About five wonderful years I was privileged to know this wise man and to study and train myself under his guidance and supervision. I always considered these five years as the most beautiful and spiritually fruitful of my whole life. I would like to describe this wonderful man as I got to know him. When I think on his many admirable characteristics probably the one I most estimated was his exquisite and beautiful humility. He was always eager to help and to serve whenever it was possible, and at the same time he maintained the personality of Max Heindel in last place. Usually I did study his total dedication to a simple life and many times I thought about the words of our beloved Lord Christ: „I am nothing, it is the father who does the work.“ I think, dear friends, that Max Heindel demonstrated the most perfect combination of the mystic and the practical, that I never knew before. He was simple and humble. The most domestic and the most simple services he developed with grace and felicity. He went to the stable and milked the cow, when it was necessary. As you know, in those days we had a stable and a cow here on Mount Ecclesia, we had beehives, because we also had bees. He went to the telegraph pole to repair some wires, which were cut. He planted trees on the ground, dug and worked in the garden and recollected the vegetables. He did all simple things with the same enthusiasm and  interest as he went to the office, to the class or to the hall to publically expose his great wisdom or to meet his master who guided him on this great work.  

Mr. Heindel liked to talk about the Elder Brothers and how they, because of their studies of the memory of nature, had success in looking through the times and conditions in which the world is found at these days. Because of these reasons, as you know, they gave the Rosicrucian philosophy at the right time to the world.

Dear friends, the soul of the world is sick today, full of afflictions and sorrows, of searchings and questions, but there are no answers to these requirements. What the world is looking for is a more spiritualized  science  and a more scientific religion.  The Rosicrucian philosophy contains the answer to both of these searchings. This philosophy is a continuation of the great work that our Lord Christ brought to the earth and gave to the twelve immortals. It contains an immeasurable gift,  that Christ brought,  precisely the initiations which are the heart of the religion of the next era of aquarius.

Mr. Heindel understood this well and the great destiny which is waiting to this work. That is why  he never permitted that discouragement or difficulties may take his interest away. He had always his eyes fixed on the stars.


Translation from the Spanish




If you want to construct a ship, do not call the men together in order to get wood, to prepare tools, to distribute jobs and to schedule works, but teach men a yearning for the wide and infinite ocean.

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

If you work upon yourself, do the retrospection or meditate etc., work with all your beeing and attention, but feel at the same time, that God is working through you and that you are always connected with a fountain of infinite energy.


Joy is a soil upon which all goodness and richness grow.



 Aquarian  art


There once was a town named Pernegg

where gathered great Queens and König

to study the cryptics

of pure christian mystics

and share love sweeter than Honig.

-Edgar Anderson, Madison/ Wisconsin



You are the light that lies in our soul

the clear sky and the kiss of the lover

you are the simplicity and the fascination

the flower and the dream

and at the end the awakening

in the eternal present

you are the intensive turning of the waves to the heights

and the ineffable joy of union.


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