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Therefore be awake and watch, for you don’t know on which day your Lord comes.

                                                                                                          Mattheus 24,42


One of the main fields of work of the Brothers of the Rose Cross is healing. This implies wisdom, divine love and compassion for the wounds of the world, for the sicknesses, sorrows and sufferings that mankind is going through at present. Every time when the moon is in a cardinal sign everyone is encouraged to make a deep concentration on divine love and healing, visualising the light on the emblem of the Rose Cross; this healing energy will be used for the healing of the people who voluntarily ask for it.

The dreams of sickness , sorrows and sufferings are only like clouds before the sun, they are temporary. The real truth is that we are divine, and as children of God we are healthy and full of life. God is the only reality, God is all in all. The Spirit is always in order, it´s our bodies which get disharmonies and sicknesses, so that we may consciously confront them by removing the causes for their disorders. Healing can be achieved by different methods that should harmonize with the person and situation. But it is an objective principle what Christ said: “as a man thinks so he is“, something we should always ponder over and remember. That is to say,  we should think consciously positive thoughts, say consciously positive words and do consciously positive deeds (conscious efforts to help others and acts of love), because this affects not only our health but also the health of all others around us in this world. In the same way it is very important what we believe of others, of us and of the world. What is our faith?  What are we expecting...? The use of all these things and knowledge makes us creators of our life, makes us artists of this work of art, that we are ourselves.

The food that we eat, the fluids that we drink and the air we are breathing should be according to the best possible for us. Also the use of our will and attention, to be constantly aware of ourselves and our environment simultaneously, is essential, because it is important that the mechanic unconscious memory consides with our conscious perception, so that harmony will be possible. And it is also reality that we need energy for our health and development (when we percieve these phenomena accurately) that we get mainly through all the  sounds, colors and forms around us, which also should be the best possible for us. Nature is the best giver of good impressions as well as the three arts: music, painting and sculpture.

On the spiritual side the daily practice of retrospection, concentration, prayer, observation, discrimination, well as a conscious contact with the music of the spheres, or as John said „the word“, and the inner seeing of the light are the most important and most essential of the healing powers that exist, because these two expressions, light and sound in us, are a direct manifestation of divine love.     

Blick auf Sils

In Switzerland, Engadin, Sils Maria, a place with great beauty and strong energy owing to the high mountains and lakes nearby and the purity of the air, an International meeting of the Rosicrucian Fellowship took place from Thursday 27th to Sunday 30th of August with about 30 participants from Switzerland, Australia, France, Austria, Portugal, Germany, Italy, USA and South America. It was a very wonderful and loving experience for all of us, the atmosphere was intense and the spirit of love, brotherhood and joy was felt by our hearts.

The main subjects of the lectures which were also worked out in workshops were about our Spirit, our different bodies and souls in relationship to the trinity in our solar system, the constitution of our universe,the7 cosmic planes, the Supreme Being and the Saturn,- Sun,- Moon- and Earth- Period.


Der Silser Seeim Abendlicht

There was room for exchange of opinions and experiences and also time for services and personal contact between us. Let us remember these moments of learning in fellowship and let us be thankful for whatever good we may have received or shared in this meeting so that the inspiration we‘ve got will spread its perfume everywhere we go and bring a lot of fruits.


The world of music and healing:

For general health and treatment of ailments we can play at least one hour to 4-5 hours a day classical music in the keys that correspond to the ascending sign of the zodiac or to the organ or part we want to heal or stimulate (minor scales are related to the major ones and should be used in this sense). The corresponding signs of the zodiac and body parts are:


Aries               head, cerebral hemispheres, various organs within the head, the eyes


Taurus            neck, throat, lower jaw, occipital region, cerebellum, the ears


Gemini            arms, hands, shoulders, lungs, the thymus gland, upper rips


Cancer                  oesophagus, stomach, diaphragm, pancreas, mammae, upper lobes of liver


Leo                  heart, dorsal region of the spine, spinal cord, aorta


Virgo               abdominal region, large and small intestines, the lower lobes of the liver, the spleen


Libra               kidneys, the supraarenals, lumbar region of the spine, the vasomotor system, skin


Scorpio           bladder, urethra, genital organs, rectum, descending colon, prostata gland, nose


Sagittarius      hips, thighs, femur ilium, coccigeal and sacral regions of the spine, the iliac arteries

                        and veins, sciatic nerves


Capricorn        skin, knees


Aquarius         the ankles, the limbs from the knees to the ankles


Pisces             feet, toes


Every sign of the zodiac has a reflex action or relation to its counter-sign.


Important to consider are also the signs in the horoscope in which a lot of planets are present, where Saturn is located, also where we want to give a special stimulation and under which zodiacal sign the person was born. Very useful is also to sing songs on the particular pitch or at least to sing the scale or 1st. tone, quint and octave. And then backwards with all the vocals: a, e , o , i , u, and „m“.

So, if you make some experiments in this direction, which naturally is very rewarding, please let us know and report to us your experiences.



The blazing evidence of immortality is our dissatisfaction with any other solution.

                                                                                     Ralph Waldo Emerson


God sets us nothing but riddles. Here the boundaries meet and all contradictions exist side by side.

                                                                                    Fedor Mikhailovich Dostoevski


The light that filled my bright spheres was a reflection of his face who called me from the deep.

                                                                                                                          William Blake


                                 Aquarian art


To be, or not to be, that is the question,

Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to suffer

The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,

Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,

And by opposing, end them. To die, to sleep –

No more, and by a sleep to say we end

The heart-ache, and the thousand natural shocks

That flesh is heir to; ‘tis a consummation

Devoutly to be wished to die to sleep!

To sleep, perchance to dream, ay there’s the rub,

For in that sleep of death what dreams may come

When we have shuffled off this mortal coil

Must give us pause.

William Shakespeare


To suffer woes which Hope thinks infinite;

To forgive wrongs darker than death or night;

To defy Power, which seems omnipotent;

To love, and bear; to hope, till Hope creates

From its own wreck the thing it contemplates;

Neither to change, nor falter, nor repent;

This, like thy glory, Titan, is to be

Good, great and joyous, beautiful and free:

This is alone Life, Joy, Empire and Victory.

Percy Bysshe Shelley



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