March 2003


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„For the one whom God has sent speaks the words of God, for God gives the Spirit without limit”.

                                                           John 3:35.




O Most Holy "Our Father:" Creator, Redeemer, Consoler and Our Savior.

"Who art in Heaven:" in the Angels and in the Saints; enlightening them unto knowledge, because Thou, Lord, art Light; inflaming them unto love, because Thou, Lord, art Love; indwelling and filling them unto blessedness, because Thou, Lord, art the Highest Good, the Eternal One, from whom is every good, without whom nothing is good.

"Hallowed be Thy Name:" may the knowledge of Thee in us be made bright, so that we may know, what is the breadth of Thy benefactions,  the length of Thy promises, the sublimity of Thy Majesty and the depth of Thy judgments.

"Thy Kingdom come:" so that Thou may reign in us by grace and makes us come unto Thy Kingdom, where the vision of Thee is made manifest, the love of Thee made perfect, the company with Thee blessed, the enjoyment of Thee everlasting.

"Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven:" so that we may love Thee with our whole heart  by thinking of Thee always, with our whole soul by desiring Thee always, with our whole mind directing unto Thee all our intentions, by seeking Thy honor in all things and with all our strength by expending all our strength and sense of soul and body in submission to Thy love and not in anything else; and may we love our neighbors even as our very selves by drawing all to Thy love to the extent of our strength, by rejoicing over the good things of others just as over our own and by compassionating them in evils and by giving offense to no one.

"Give us this day," Thy Beloved  Son, Our Lord Jesus Christ, "our daily Bread:" to remember and understand and reverence the love, which He had for us, and those things, which He said, did, or endured on our behalf. "And forgive us our debts:" by Thy ineffable mercy, through the virtue of the Passion of Thy Beloved Son and by the merits and intercession of the Blessed Virgin and all Thy elect.

"As we also forgive our debtors:" and what we do not fully forgive, Lord make us fully forgive, so that we may truly love our enemies for the sake of Thee and intercede devoutly on their behalf with Thee, rendering to none evil for evil and striving in all things to advance unto Thee.
"And lead us not into temptation:" hidden or manifest, sudden or importune.

"But deliver us from evil:" past, present, and future. Glory to the Father.

                                                                                                  St. Francis of Asissi



*                  *                  *



The next Rosicrucian International Meeting will take place in August 2003 in France from 31st july to 3 rd August 2003 in Fontenay-aux-Roses,France, about 10 kilometres from Paris.For  more information contact: Guy Gerard 19 Chemin de la Passe d’Armes  59700  Marcq en Baroeul  France

( e-mail : ) The topic for the  next meeting woulb be: The mystic Weeding: How to be in touch with the Spirit in the XXIst century?

To be consciously united with the triple Spirit is the main challenge of our century and is the basis of individual and collective psychology, philosophy, and modern research. We all strive towards this goal and we will be able to share our experience in the course of workshops and debates. In anticipation of our future fellowship, we send our very  best wishes.





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Excerpts from the Web of Destiny page 121, by Max Heindel:


The subject of prayer is well worth the attention and study of all who aspire to spirituality. There is only one force in the universe, namely, the Power of God, which He sent forth through space in the form of a word, that creative sound-vibration, which marshalled the millions of chaotic atoms into the multitudinous shapes and forms. God is light. As we need eyes wherewith we perceive the light and ears which register the vibrations of sound, we must cultivate our spiritual eyes and ears to perceive the Divine Light and to hear the voice of silence which alone can guide us. Prayer, true scientific prayer, is one of the most powerful and efficacious methods of finding favor before the face of our father, and receiving the immersion in spiritual light, which alchemically transforms the sinner to the saint and places around him the golden wedding garment of Light, the luminous soul body. But be not deceived, prayer alone will not do this. “Ora et labora” – pray and work – is an occult injunction which all aspirants must obey or they will meet with scant success. We who are engaged in the so-called secular work often feel, that we are hampered and hindered on that account, but if we “do all things as unto the Lord” and are “faithful over a few things” we shall find that in time opportunities will come of which we do not dream. No matter how large or small our room for prayer is, it is the apartness and the invisible House of God which we build by our prayers and the divine downpouring which we receive in response from our father that are important. Young lovers when after an absence fly into each others arms in an ecstasy of delight; if we fly to our father in that manner, the Light of His presence and the sweetness of His voice will teach and cheer us beyond our fondest hopes.


*                  *                  *


The little girl:


Once upon a time, lived a little girl and her family in an abandoned place in the forest. She loved the woods, where she went every day. She looked all with great love and astonishment.

One day, she went an unusual way, it may be that it was called by her destiny or that something profound  in her moved to take this way. She went deeply in the woods und found a beautiful path that took her to a brook and afterwards to a river.

This untouched nature inflamed in her something inexpressible and she went further till a waterfall, where she looked at thousands of flowers and roses in almost deep extasis. She came near to each flower and her heart began to open.

There, she found her rose to which she spoke with peaceful yearning many loving words and asked her afterwards: “Tell me about this garden, who does cultivate so beautiful flowers?, who does cares for them…?

The flower said: “I am not aloud to tell you, but when you come again, maybe I can narrate to you something, but please,  you should not say anybody that you where here….”

The maid kept this words in her heart and went home.  She was very moved by this encounter, so that the whole way back she was remenbering  the colors and fragances of the flowers and when finally she opened the door, she was still absorbed in this contemplation.

The mother asked her where she has been, because she returned uncommonly  late. She answered that on the way she found a nice meadow and that she had slept there.

The mother said: “ You should not do that, wild animals may come and then…”

She was tired from this long walking, so that she slept soon and dreamed that she was surrounded by this garden and flowers which she kept  in her being.

Next day, after breakfast, she went the same way. After some hours she found the little brook, which she followed until she came to the river and she went still further until she experienced again this graceful meeting. On this day the flowers were shining with magnificent colors with the sunlight and were more attractive than the day before.

She came nearer to her rose and talked to her in the language of the heart. When the maid again confronted her with the question she answered: “There are thousands of fairies that take care of this garden, but there are twelve who are the most beautiful and wise of all, once in a while one hear from a thirteen fairy, but we never saw her. One can only see the fairies whith the spiritual eye…”

The impressions of this garden reached yet  deeper into her soul and accompanied her always.

She came home tired, after everyone had finished dinner. The mother was restless and concerned and when she asked her where she has been, she said: “ I walked and walked and because the day was wanderful, I tried new ways and got lost, till finally I found the right way home…”

The mother said, that because of yesterday’s and today’s incident , she can not go alone into the forest anymore.She had to accept her wish, because she was still a little girl. She did not have another possibility, except  to follow the wish of her mother, but in her soul a fire was burning whose flames make her constantly remember the beauty of this garden.

She asked herself: Why I couldn’t see the fairies when I was there? What is laking me? Maybe can I do something, that may enable me to speak with this fairies. But the days and the months passed and one day she decided to speak inwardly with the fairys. In a tender and devoted manner she spoke with them about everything, and told them about her love and yearnings. She did this continuosly seven days long.

Through these talks It was possible for her to reach a deep point of her beeing.

So, while she was sleeping, she saw in a dream twelve fairies that influenced and spoke to her with light and endlessness. She perceived rays of light and music only and this changed her totally. The girl  received a lot of wisdom from them and was fascinated by their language, because what they said, she saw inside and before herself and  this was illuminative and effective for her.

When the mother saw her the next morning, , she found in her something wonderful…there was something new in her…and her face was radiating joy and love. And when the mother asked her what was the matter with her, she could not say anything. This was her mystery.



*                  *                  *




Mould thy soul till it be worthy of deity.




The secret of succes is constancy to purpose.

                                                                     Benjamin Disraeli


If people would only make greater efforts to improve themselves, they would find the reward greater than they can possible conceive.

Amber Tuttle



Aquarian art


He prayed well, who loved well

Both man and bird and beast

He prayed best, who loved best

All things both great and small;

For the dear God who loved us,

He made and loveth all.


Samuel Coleridge



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The worldwide well-known and often awarded Koehne-Quartet is playing his classical style string-quartets, which are colourful and musically mature. The CD includes furthermore a work for violin-solo and one for violin and piano.

The price is of 15 Euros for a CD. If you take five CDs the price reduces to 13 Euros and for ten CDs it will be 12 Euros. The CD will be sent to you immediately after we received the required amount. The price includes the postal-fee.


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